Annie’s Mailbox: Extra visiting family leads to trouble |

Annie’s Mailbox: Extra visiting family leads to trouble

Dear Annie: My in-laws will be visiting us soon (at our expense), and we are quite excited since we only see them once a year. However, my stepmother-in-law invited her son, daughter-in-law and three grandkids to stay with us, too.

Even though our home is not quite big enough for nine people, we will make it work. But I don't think we can afford to feed all of them for a week. My husband doesn't understand why I am upset and says I should be more understanding. Am I out of line?

— Annoyed

Dear Annoyed: Hardly. Your in-laws should not have invited anyone else to join them, especially on your nickel. Put your husband in charge of feeding this crowd so he gets the point and, if necessary, can inform his parents that they will be responsible for feeding the grandchildren. At the very least, we hope they will treat you at least once while they are there.

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