Annie’s Mailbox: Can he remove hearing aid in public? |

Annie’s Mailbox: Can he remove hearing aid in public?

Dear Annie: This isn't the biggest problem in the world, but I'd like your advice.

My hubby wears a hearing aid. When we are out in public, especially when sitting in a restaurant, he will dig into his ear to pull the aid out and put it away.

I think he should do this in the privacy of the restroom. I haven't said anything since I'm not sure if I'm right or being too picky.

— Curious in California

Dear Curious: How much digging are we talking about?

If he can pluck the hearing aid out without much fuss, it isn't necessary for him to do it in the restroom.

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If, however, other people are present at the table or he has to spend more than 10 seconds getting it out of his ear, he should excuse himself.

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