Amanda Carrico: ‘Did nothing illegal’ |

Amanda Carrico: ‘Did nothing illegal’

To the editor:

As a Moffat County native, Colorado resident and avid outdoorsman and hunter, I am enraged at the attention being brought to Richard Kendall's story.

The man did nothing illegal and yet the media and public have turned what should have been the highlight of his hunting career into a nightmare that could end his life as he knows it.

Currently, there is no law against den hunting in Colorado. It is a matter of public opinion as to whether or not there should be.

Nearly all of the accusations being made regarding Mr. Kendall's kill are uneducated and bordering slander.

First of all, any bear hunter knows that male black bears typically do not den. Secondly, Mr. Kendall and every media source in the nation have said that the bear was tracked to the cave, which means the bear was not in a den for hibernation.

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Furthermore, the word den needs to be defined because a bear could den anywhere, it does not necessarily den in a cave. It could be a draw, oak brush, or thicket that the bear deems necessary to "den" in.

Whether or not the law is sportsmanlike is also a matter of opinion left up to the bleeding hearts of the people who wish to infringe on all our hunting and gun privileges.

Lawmakers and the Division of Wildlife should have thought that law through a little better.

I am shocked that the people of this great state would succumb to the liberals who like to stir up trouble.

I do not reside in Moffat County anymore, but return every hunting season to participate in a sport that is the backbone of Northwest Colorado and the heritage of our country.

If you ask me, ranching for wildlife and road hunting violate the law of fair chase more than tracking an animal according to law, killing an animal according to law and caring for the animal after the legal take.

If the people of Colorado feel so strongly about climbing into a cave to kill a bear, new flash, don't do it.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? To this point, there is no evidence proving Mr. Kendall did anything outside of the law.

We are opening Pandora's Box if we allow liberals and outsiders to infringe on the quality of life that we as citizens of Colorado enjoy.

Amanda Carrico

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