Allen J. Hischke: Keep your yard clean |

Allen J. Hischke: Keep your yard clean

To the editor:

I would like to make an observation that is very true for many that live in and around Craig.

There are far too many people who spend far too much time surrounding their properties with monstrous heaps of junk.

They find the time to bring home yet another old car or camper or motor home, then spend a few days fiddling with trying to make it work, then let it sit and become another eyesore for the rest of us to look at.

They spend far too little time mowing their lawns, killing their weeds, and making sure their pets are in their yards and are quiet.

These same people complain when the streets don't get plowed in the winter, or swept in the summer or the trashcan isn't emptied.

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But, they seldom worry if the trashcan gets tipped over, strewing its contents all over the street for someone else to clean up.

My hope is that some of these people will read this letter and finally decide to act like true humans and clean up their mess, and take care of their properties in a less slobbish manner.

Allen J. Hischke

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