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A&L: Project list for next year

Diane Prather

Isn't it wonderful that there's always a next year?

At the end of each season, or even during a season, we reflect on things we wish we'd gotten done or things we wish we had done differently, vowing to make changes "next year."

For example, now that summer 2010 is officially gone, consider the following things that a person might want to change during summer 2011:

• To do a better job of fixing that patched up creek crossing where the cows keep getting out.

• To not put that fence-crawling cow back up on summer pasture.

• To thin the row of tulips along the house.

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• To install a drip system to water the trees.

• To clean and repair the chicken house.

• To buy a new winter jacket and snow boots when winter apparel is on sale in early summer.

• To self-pollinate the zucchini if the fruit doesn't set on.

• To rotate the rows of vegetables during spring planting.

• To start attacking the grasshoppers earlier in the season.

• To fertilize the 40 acres of grass hay.

• To figure out why the baler breaks so many twines on the bales.

• To make sure to plant the banana squash earlier in the spring.

• To clean up the stackyard before the hay is hauled in.

• To fix the hole the cat uses to crawl under the patio before she has kittens there.

• To put a new roof on the shop.

• To defrost the freezer.

• To take the strings off the used grain sacks, fold the sacks, and store them neatly.

• To take time to pick chokecherries and make jelly.

• To fix the bale counter on the hay baler.

• To find a way to get the water onto that dry section of the hay meadow.

• To repair the drip system that's used to water the trees.

• To fix that gate so it's easier to open.

• To take a few days to go fishing.

• To divide up the plants in the strawberry bed.

• To wash the outside windows.

• To do a better job of weeding the garden.

• To can some peaches and tomatoes.

• To fix that hole in the screen where flies keep getting into the house.

• To get into a routine of spraying anti-deer stuff around the flowers.

• To take some pictures of the cows on high summer pasture.

• To attack those weeds before they go to seed.

• To get the potatoes out of the garden before it freezes.

• To make plans for "that greenhouse."

• To paint the house inside and out.

• To get garden seeds into the garden earlier and cover them, protection from spring frost.

• To sort out the box of ear tags, syringes, and other calving/lambing supplies before fall season.

• To buy a new hay rake.

• To buy a new pair of irrigating boots.

• To put away Easter decorations before the Fourth Of July and to put away the Fourth of July decorations away before September.

• To take down the Christmas lights.

• To take time to enjoy the summer season.

Yes, it's always wonderful that there's next year.

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