A&L: 4-H Members Compete in Arizona National Livestock Show

Four Moffat County 4-H members and one 4-H member formerly of Moffat County competed in the 2013 Arizona National Livestock Show in Phoenix, held the last week of December 2012. Exhibiting livestock were Call and Mackenzie Camblin of Maybell, Andrea Maneotis and Jerica DeLong of Craig, and Megan Prather of Bailey, formerly of Craig.

From Pipi’s Pasture: Decorating the Tree

When my sisters, brother, and I were growing up on the ranch, it was tradition for Dad to cut the Christmas tree. Before he left to get the tree, we kids always reminded him that we wanted a tall tree. Our sister Charlotte Allum remembers at least one time when Dad came back and teased us that he couldn’t get through the deep snow to find a tall tree so he had to bring a short one. We were pretty worried, but, of course, the tree was tall as usual. I remember decorating the tree the same day that Dad brought it home, but Charlotte recalls Dad putting the tree in water for a couple of days before he brought it into the house and set it up. By that time we had gotten down the box of decorations. We could hardly wait until the tree warmed up and the icicles and snow in the branches melted.

From Pipi’s Pasture: The Christmas tree

This time of year my memories go back to those years when my brother, sisters and I were growing up on the ranch. Perhaps my fondest memories are associated with the Christmas tree. During those years we didn’t put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving as many families do today. That’s because our parents grew up with the tradition of decorating the tree on Christmas Eve. It was also a tradition that Dad cut our evergreen tree. My sister, Darlene Blackford, remembers that it was “kind of hard to get Dad going” when it came to cutting the tree. That’s probably because he didn’t see any reason to get in a hurry until at least a couple of days before Christmas. (As memory serves, there may have been times when he didn’t cut the tree until December 24.)

Agriculture & Livestock: 2012 Moffat County 4-H Achievement Night — Part III

This is part three of a three-part story concerning awards and recognitions presented at Moffat County’s 4-H Achievement Night, which took place Nov. 14 at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion. High Point Shooting Sports Awards were based on project score and shooting score. The 2012 High Points Awards went to: • .22: Senior Grand Champion- Natasha Sloan and Senior Reserve Champion- Dylan Villa; Junior Grand Champion- Kaitlyn Ahlstrom and Junior Reserve Champion-Lane Tuck. • Air Pistol: Senior Grand Champion- Dylan Villa and Senior Reserve Champion- Dakota Lee.

Agriculture & Livestock: 2012 Moffat County Achievement Night — Part II

Now that 2012 is behind them, 4-H members are enrolling for the 2013 year. In order to help both new and “old” 4-H members learn more about 4-H and the opportunities that are available to them through the Moffat County 4-H program, the Extension Office in Craig is having an Open House from 5 to 7 p.m. Dec. 5 at the Extension Office, 539 Barclay St. Activities at the open house will include: meeting 4-H leaders and project leaders; project and program information; enrollment; rules and regulations; expectations; and meeting 4-H Council members, Junior Leaders, and office staff. There will be still more activities and refreshments, too. This week’s story is Part II of the many awards and recognitions from Achievement Night, hosted Nov. 14 at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion.

USDA preparing to collect 2012 final crop inventories

The United States Department of Agriculture is preparing to collect final nationwide crop inventories. The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service will be conducting the survey, which serves as the basis for USDA estimates of production and harvested acres for all major agricultural commodities in the U.S., according to a USDA news release. Select producers in Colorado can expect to be contacted by NASS during the first two weeks of December.

Agriculture & Livestock: 4-H Achievement Night, 2012

Moffat County’s annual 4-H Achievement Night was Nov. 14 at the Fairgrounds Pavilion in Craig. Special guests, families, and 4-H members gathered to celebrate the many accomplishments that 4-Hers had during the 2012 year. “What’s Your H?”, the State 4-H promotional slogan for the coming year, was featured on the cover of the Achievement Night programs. (The slogan refers to the “H” words in the 4-H pledge.) The evening’s events began with a Welcome, Presentation of Colors, and Pledges, led by 4-H Agent JD Sexton. It was followed by the introduction of guests, including the Moffat County Commissioners, Moffat County 4-H Foundation, Moffat County Fair Board, several buyers, supporters, donors, and volunteer leaders. The first award of the evening, presented by Sexton, recognized the Outstanding 4-H Leaders for 2012. Each year the recipient(s) of the award are selected by the Moffat County 4-H program. Shawn Polly and Sarah Polly, this year’s recipients, have spent countless hours with project members in the Archery program. They have been leaders for six years.

From Pipi’s Pasture: A homegrown Thanksgiving

This morning while I was filling the stock tank in Pipi’s Pasture, I was thinking about what I’m going to take to Thanksgiving dinner. We always celebrate with our son’s family, and I usually bake pies and cook up something else. So I was making a shopping list in my head. That got me to thinking about Thanksgiving dinners when I was growing up on the ranch. I’m sure that my mother had a shopping list, but it probably was for the basics (flour, sugar, and seasonings) because most of our dinner was homegrown. For example, turkey was the main dish, and we raised it on the ranch. The dressing was made from homemade bread that was sliced, dried, seasoned, and cut into cube-size pieces. I can’t remember not having turkey on Thanksgiving, but if we had ham, it was homegrown, too, and even smoked in our smokehouse. Mom made her own rolls from a “Three Hour Roll” recipe. They were served with butter that was churned from cream that came from our milk cow.

From Pipi’s Pasture: Joining Cloverbuds

Moffat County’s annual 4-H Achievement Night is less than a week away. On November 14, 4-H members, their families, and 4-H leaders will celebrate the 2012 4-H year. And then enrollment will begin for the 2013 4-H year. To join 4-H, a youngster must be 8 years old by December 31. However, there is a 4-H program for younger children, and that’s what this week’s “From Pipi’s Pasture” is all about. Cloverbuds is a program for children of ages 5 to 7, as of December 31.

Delta County commissioners again OK 2 egg farms

Delta County commissioners have reaffirmed their approval of two egg-laying operations that some residents had challenged. The commissioners had to reanalyze their decision after a judge found "abuse of discretion" in their original approvals of the 15,000-hen, cage-free farms.

Gardner earns another Friend of Farm Bureau award

Congressman Cory Gardner, R-Colo., has once again been honored as a Friend of the Farm Bureau. Gardner first received the award in 2006 as a member of the Colorado General Assembly. He received the award in each of his subsequent years as a Colorado state legislator. This is the first time Gardner has been recognized by the Farm Bureau as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Gov. says order will help ranchers during drought

Gov. John Hickenlooper says drought conditions have prompted him to sign an executive order that suspends permits necessary for the transportation of large bales of hay or baled livestock feed.

Agriculture & Livestock: 2012 Livestock and Dog Results at the Colorado State Fair

Moffat County’s Darren McLaughlin has done it again. This year, as in previous years, he showed the Grand Champion Market Lamb at the Colorado State Fair. But that’s not all. He showed the Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb as well It’s a remarkable achievement, indeed.

USDA plans regional meetings to address drought

The U.S. Department of Agriculture plans regional meetings with local officials to learn more about impacts from this year's drought and to discuss how to leverage existing resources to speed recovery efforts.

Viral disease confirmed in 3 Colorado yaks

Colorado agriculture officials say a viral disease that can cause fever, loss of appetite, and lesions of the mouth in animals has been diagnosed in at least three yaks. State agriculture officials said Tuesday that epizootic hemorraghic disease was diagnosed in yaks at two locations in Larimer County and one location in Alamosa County.