Baxter Black: High price of food?

How should we as food producers interpret the media’s looming concern about headlines saying “Rising Food Prices Bite Budgets?” Examples given from previous 12 months’ list of percentages increases show: Ground beef, 4.9 percent; eggs, 5.7 percent; tomatoes, 6.9 percent; pork sausage, 8.7 percent; potatoes, 9.2 percent; fresh fish, 9.9 percent; and oranges, 12.2 percent.

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Driving horses through Northwest Colorado

Great American

The Sombrero Ranch Great American Horse Drive passed through Northwest Colorado on Sunday, where cowboys and cowgirls transferred 400 domesticated horses from winter pasture to spring and summer pasture.

Business Buzz: DBA to meet at Bell Tower this week

Round up of local business news in Craig and Moffat County.

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Moffat County horse drive attracts national, global attention

Activity to pass through Maybell Sunday for spectators

It’s that time of year again for Walker and the rest of the Sombrero Ranches family, when they greet a variety of guests from all kinds of locations for the Great American Horse Drive, which takes place this weekend. The drive traverses more than 60 miles across Northwest Colorado’s landscape as participants get to live the cowboy life by engaging in the transfer of 500 horses from their wintering grounds on Walker’s 50,000-acre property near Browns Park to his 18,000-acre ranch 11 miles west of Craig.

Baxter Black: The western migration invasion

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has brought to a head a common point of contention that has happened in state after state. It is a generational change, a population shift that is the result of the inevitable roll of civilization.

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Meat-ing the challenge in Craig

Decked out in lab coats and hard hats, carrying questionnaires and pens, high school students carefully eyed various cuts of meat Monday afternoon. They were scribbling against the clock, evaluating retail-packaged meat for type and quality. When their time was up with the retail section, the group of students spun around to confront hunks of cattle and hog carcasses.

Business Buzz: Clarion Inn & Suites hires a new general manager

Craig and Moffat County's local business news.

Baxter Black: A cow hanging

John lives down the road from me. We have cattle across the fence from each other. He is good at a lot of things; carpentry, electronics, sports and hunting, but cows are not his strong suit. He runs a handful on 90 acres. He called me one day askin’ if we had seen a cow of his. I told him we had cleared the pasture and had not seen her in with our bunch.

Pipi’s Pasture: It’s calving season when…

According to the calendar, it’s spring. Spring in Moffat County means that there likely will be wind, rain, hail, snow and sunshine all in one day, just like it has been today at Pipi’s Pasture. It also means that for most ranchers, calving season is underway. That’s what most ranchers are talking about, anyway. You know it’s calving season when…

Baxter Black: Spotted skunk saga

If it weren’t so ridiculous it would make you cry. The Endangered Species Act has popped up again like a stinky diaper at day care. This time it is the Plains Spotted Skunk, one of four species of spotted skunks that can be found almost anywhere from Canada to Mexico and coast-to-coast except, apparently, in the backyard of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Business Buzz: Custom Auto and Paint moves to new location

Custom Auto and Paint in Craig recently moved into the old Intermountain Appliance location at 395 School St.

Maybell resident to hold cannabis forum Friday night in Craig

Kris Brannan, of Maybell, wants to reverse the ban on retail marijuana in Moffat County. To fuel the effort, she’s hosting a cannabis forum from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion in Craig.

Baxter Black: Record snowfall

The President’s science and technology advisor - Jan. 11, 2014. I cringe at how ludicrous global warming climatologists must feel these last two winters. Nature is pooping in their nest. Did he mean “extreme heat” instead of cold? Can they have it both ways? However, they shouldn’t be making excuses. They should be elated that winter seems to be coming back with a vengeance. But what if it continues? It puts them in the position of hoping for bad news. It’s called schenfreude.

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Yampa Valley Fiberworks brings all-natural fleece processing to Craig

About 10 miles north of Craig, tucked away just off Colorado Highway 13, is an indistinguishable warehouse, hugged in by fenced animals including sheep, alpacas and goats. The 4,000-square-foot building easily blends in with the agricultural area, surrounded by other properties marked with barns and livestock. But inside is a unique find.

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Craig students teach, learn about agriculture

As part of National FFA Week, the members of the local chapter of the National FFA Organization took some time this week to impart their wisdom to the kindergarten students of Craig. The Wednesday event Barnyard Day let younger students get a look at the various activities that go along with working on a farm, including taking care of the furry and feathered denizens that reside in such a place.