Agriculture & Livestock: Moffat County participants enjoy ‘4-H Got Game’ retreat |

Agriculture & Livestock: Moffat County participants enjoy ‘4-H Got Game’ retreat

Diane Prather

Diane Prather

Having celebrated its 100th birthday last year, Colorado 4-H is now "Ready for Another 100 Years."

And so, getting on with business to begin the next 100 years, 13 Moffat County 4-H members, chaperones and 4-H Agent Alisa Comstock recently traveled to Glenwood Springs to attend the 18th Annual District 11 and 12 Retreat.

The retreat took place March 18 through 20 at the Marriott Residence and Marriott Courtyard in Glenwood Springs. Counties in District 11 include: Moffat, Rio Blanco, Garfield and Eagle. Those in District 12 are: Routt, Jackson, Grand and Summit. (Summit County did not attend.)

The theme for this year's ever was "4-H Got Game."

Moffat County 4-H members who attended the retreat were: Cody Rogers, Tyler Gerber, Kearn Gerber, Will Pilgrim, Seth Morgan, Sarye Morgan, Emma Balstad, Kaylee Springer, Brice White, Tiarra Schroeder, Karissa Maneotis, Makayla Goodnow and Emily Wellman. Chaperones were Michelle Pilgrim, Joanne Roberson and Nate Balstad.

The Moffat County delegation left for Glenwood after school on March 18.

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After registration, the chaperones met while the attendees took advantage of the recreation center activities. Everyone enjoyed an ice cream social before the opening session of the retreat.

At this time, district officer candidates gave speeches. Then it was lights out time to rest for a busy Saturday ahead.

Busy, indeed. After an early breakfast at the hotel, groups of 4-H members, led by DOT leaders, rotated from one workshop to another. Each rotation was an hour in length.

The DOT leaders, all 4-H members, were chosen ahead of time. To be chosen a DOT leader, the member had to be 14 years old or older, have attended a District 11 and 12 retreat in previous years, and to have a positive attitude. To serve as a DOT leader, a 4-H member had to be responsible and respectful.

Some of the responsibilities of a DOT leader included: keeping attendance records at each group meeting before workshops, reporting absent members to agents/adults, organizing the groups for activities, getting members to workshops and making sure all the group members understood the rules.

Moffat County 4-H members who took the role of DOT leaders were Will Pilgrim, Makayla Goodnow and Emily Wellman.

In keeping with the theme of the Retreat, the day's workshops were creatively based on popular games.

For example, one of the six workshops was "Get a Clue-Clue." In keeping with the objective of the game, workshop attendees explored clues such as fingerprints, footprints, fiber analysis, and DNA analysis to "figure out who dunnit," or who stole the dessert.

Supplies were provided for the "Duct Tape/T-Shirt-Pictionary" workshop so that participants could make creations from duct tape and create T-shirt décor.

And in "Join Us in the Game of Life," 4-H members played two interactive games, discovering life and leadership.

Showing off their "awesome dancing skills" (while getting a workout) was the challenge in the first ever District Retreat "Dance-Off-Battleship."

Members performed a variety of "rockin' dance moves" in a competition to be the last "battleship" standing.

And that's not all — two other workshops were planned around Candyland and Scrabble games.

The workshops continued (with a lunch break) until 4:30 p.m., when it was time for dinner, keynote speaker Chris Bower and district officer elections. Following all of this, the 4-H members enjoyed some free time, a dance and games.

In 2010, two Moffat County 4-H members served as District 11 officers: Karissa Maneotis (president) and Makayla Goodnow (secretary). During this year's retreat, Moffat County's Will Pilgrim was elected president and Makayla Goodnow was elected secretary.

Of the Retreat, newly-elected president Will Pilgrim said, "It was really a fun and organized Retreat. The location was great. The people at the recreation center were very kind in dealing with the kids. The workshops were interesting, and the keynote speaker, Mr. Chris Bower, was very inspirational."

Will added, "The most nerve-wracking part of the retreat was my speech because there were over 100 kids there. I was very shocked and honored to be elected president. I hope I can continue the great job Karissa Maneotis has done."

On Sunday, March 20, everybody was up early for breakfast at the hotel and then packed up. After a closing program, everybody checked out and headed home.

It's the beginning of the next 100 years for Colorado 4-H.

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