Agriculture & Livestock: Enjoying the fall season |

Agriculture & Livestock: Enjoying the fall season

Diane Prather

Diane Prather

We spend money for vacations, eating out, entertainment and other pleasures.

But have you ever noticed that some of the greatest pleasures in life don't cost anything at all?

Take the fall season, for example. Spending outdoors on a sunny, warm day in surroundings alive with color can provide plenty of enjoyable experiences.

This is true no matter where you live. However, consider the following experiences from a fall rural setting that can get a person's endorphins "flowing."

• Picking a few apples off a garden apple tree (to be scooped out, filled with sugar and cinnamon, baked, and served with cream later that day).

• Pulling grass from the strawberry bed, located under the apple tree, with thoughts of making a new strawberry bed next spring.

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• Picking the last of this season's zucchinis.

• Bringing in the last tomato that has been left to vine-ripen.

• "Taking in the scene" while sitting in the sunshine, waiting for the cow water tank to fill.

• Watching a bumblebee fly from flower to flower.

• Enjoying the cows, while checking them in the pasture, as they surround the four-wheeler.

• Checking out the "faces" on the Grecian violets, pansy-like flowers.

• Checking out the usual hanging places for hummingbird feeders and wondering where the birds were this season.

• Noticing the unique marigold "aroma" as mature flowers are picked off the stems.

• Watching the gray-looking clouds coming up from the south, promising a welcome, late-day shower.

• Watching cows eat apples off an apple tree and, even more fun, watching the cows chase apples thrown to them.

• Walking in the tree leaves that are starting to fall.

• Marveling at the sight of this year's calf nursing on his mom because he's almost as tall as his mom.

• Watching cattle as they enjoy their afternoon nap on a warm fall day.

• Finding an end-of-summer blooming dandelion in the corner by the shed.

• Pulling seeds off the top of a cow's head as she happily chews her cud.

• Watching two small black kittens with white feet and noses as they run up the trunk of a big elm tree and once near the top look down as if to say, "Now what do we do?"

• Getting a close-up look at a late summer calf's "gray muzzle" (from a distance making him appear to have a white spot on his mouth).

• Watching outdoor cats as they play around in the yard.

• Coming into the house to the wonderful aroma of cinnamon as an apple pie bubbles in the oven.

• Feeling the sun-warmed hair on a black cow's side.

• Hunting miniature pumpkins among the vines in the garden.

• Transplanting iris bulbs to make a new iris bed.

• Finding acorns on the oak trees.

• Watching the "barn cats" scope out the newly-stacked haystack for snug, weather-free winter homes.

• Picking up pine cones from under the front yard evergreen trees.

• Listening to the elk bugle.

• Potting geraniums so they can be brought into the house for the winter.

• Listening to a cow "lick away" as she enjoys a mineral block.

• Finding that perfect maple leaf that's fallen to the ground.

• Listening to the sounds of neighboring cows and calves as calves are being weaned.

• Picking crab apples.

• Mowing the lawn for the last time this season.

What do you enjoy about the fall season?

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