Agriculture & Livestock: After the fair |

Agriculture & Livestock: After the fair

Diane Prather

Diane Prather

Tonight's 4-H and FFA Junior Livestock Sale marks the end of this year's Moffat County Fair.

There's just checkout of exhibits from the pavilion and the display area under the grandstands. That takes place on Sunday.

Breeding animals and horses will be taken home and the fairgrounds barn cleaned up. Boxes and boxes of ribbons and other judging supplies will be returned to the extension office. The fair will officially end later this month with the carcass contest.

So, what's next for Moffat County residents? It's time to:

• Get entry papers sent in so that 4-H and FFA livestock can be shown at the Colorado State Fair.

• Pack up all of the winning 4-H general projects, such as clothing, rocketry, entomology, veterinary science, baking, shooting sports, crocheting and many more to head for the Colorado State Fair where they will be entered and judged.

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• Groom the market lambs, goats and steers to get ready for state fair.

• Practice, practice for the state shooting sports competitions.

• Cut the lawn grass, water and weed — chores that were neglected during the Moffat County Fair.

• Cut and bale "wild hay" and second cutting.

• Pick the apples and make pies, applesauce and apple butter.

• Search the recipe books for squash recipes, especially zucchini recipes.

• If not exhibiting at state fair, clean out the stock trailer and pickup truck and put away halters, feed pans, brushes, combs and grooming supplies.

• Shop for school clothes and other school supplies.

• Enjoy fall peaches, corn on the cob, cantaloupe and watermelon.

• Start hauling in hay for the winter.

• "Revive" flowers in gardens by picking off old blossoms and spraying with fertilizer.

• Move cattle and sheep around on pasture and put out more mineral.

• For the extension office, go over books and sort out boxes of ribbons and other supplies.

• "Can" tomatoes and pickles.

• Visit produce stands and farmers' markets.

• Empty and clean out stock water tanks.

• Anticipate the results of the carcass show, marking the end of the county fair.

• "Scope out" areas for ripening chokecherries.

• Put away Fourth of July decorations and note the location of stored fall decorations because it won't be long.

• Pick up freezing and canning books at the extension office, to preserve foods for the family and set aside some special jars for next year's fair.

• Write thank-you notes to buyers at the 4-H and FFA Junior Livestock Sale and to people who donated special awards during the fair.

• Put the breeding stock, fresh from the fair, out onto pasture where the animals will promptly rub their clean, groomed bodies in the dirt.

• Take a day or two off to go fishing or camping.

• Send fair photographs to Grandma and Grandpa, who couldn't attend the fair.

• Finish up the record books.

• Register for college classes.

• If finished with livestock projects for the year, sleep in.

• Wash the pickup truck.

• Make room on the wall for fair photos.

• Look forward to other shows, such as the National Western Stock Show.

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