Administrator denies working with group |

Administrator denies working with group

Principal not involved with publication


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A publication that has been seeking local advertising is improperly using a reference of a local principal to raise funds.

Officials with the publication “The Good Life Directory,” contacted Craig Middle School Principal Steve Wiersma about having Craig Middle School (CMS) receive the publication; however, they did not ask permission to use his name in advertising its existence.

“I got a phone call from this group a few months back telling me that this new publication was going to be released, and they asked me if I would like CMS to receive some copies,” Wiersma said. “I told them that would not be a problem, even though I wasn’t sure what the publication was all about. I had never heard of it.

“The next thing I know, a local businessman calls me up and tells me that this group has been soliciting local businesses, and using my name as a reference for their publication,” he said. “At that point, I started to become a little suspicious.”

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Wiersma contacted “The Good Life Directory” company, and asked them to stop using his name in association with the product, and the company complied.

“It kind of reminds me of the sports-schedule scam that we had here a few years back,” he said. “A group had come into town and called the high school (Wiersma was the activities director at the time), and they wanted a schedule of our fall sports. That’s a matter of public record, so there was no problem in letting them have it.

“What happened was, they started to solicit businesses to have their company’s name put on the schedule,” he said. “The schedule ended up not being very good, and when they did come out, they told the businesses to distribute them however they wanted. There were a lot of people who took part in that schedule program who were not happy.”

Wiersma believes “The Good Life Directory” may be a legitimate publication; however, he is still reserving judgement at this time.

“I am still a little suspicious of them, but I figured if I am going to err, it is better to do so on the side of caution,” he said.

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