Actors give the inside look on musical life |

Actors give the inside look on musical life

Cast's acting background is presented

Trenna Kaiser, Blue Print

This year, the fast-paced rock musical Footloose will be presented to the public on November 17-19. The actors are excited for it to kick off. Mitch Romney, Travis Johnson and Emily Counts are three of the actors in the musical this year. Romney has played with the band in the pit and on stage as an actor. Romney prefers the stage, but he still helps the music department as a percussionist for the band. This year, Romney’s role is the main character, Ren. He has been in plays since he was in seventh grade when he was in the pit when he lived in Oklahoma. In eighth grade, he performed on stage. “I made a hard choice going to the stage instead of being in pit,” said Romney. He has been four different people in four different plays in his career at the high school and as an eighth grader. His favorite musical that the school has done is Footloose.

Travis Johnson plays Travis in the musical. He has been acting since eighth grade but only started singing this year. He sings and acts to pass the time. Johnson feels that Ms. Dahlberg offers more than most of the other music teachers because she has been in more shows than the other teachers, and she has been in the business outside of teaching. This year is his first year in the musical. He was convinced to be in it because he knows that Dahlberg would be disappointed in him if he did not. His friends also had an influence on him.

Emily Counts plays Donna in the musical. Counts thinks Footloose is a fantastic play. “I love the stage. I love performing. There’s just something about getting in front of the audience and showing them what you’ve got that appeals to me. I would spend all of my time on stage if I could,” Counts said. Counts has been singing for as long as she can remember. To her, singing is just enjoyable. “We have an awesome, talented hard-working cast, and we’re all really excited to present this to the community,” she says. Counts enjoys working with Dahlberg. Dahlberg has been here since Counts’ freshmen year, and Counts has heard that the music department is better. “There’s more success with the students, and more enthusiasm for the arts. We work harder, but it all pays off in the end,” said Counts.

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