ACET activity decreases in 2009, statistics show |

ACET activity decreases in 2009, statistics show

Brian Smith

— Although the number of cases the All Crimes Enforcement Team processed is down from 40 cases in 2008 to 34 in 2009, commander Garrett Wiggins considers the year a success nonetheless.

Wiggins presented year-end ACET statistics to the Craig City Council at its Tuesday meeting and answered council questions regarding the department's activity.

In 2009, ACET seized an estimated $238,533 in illegal drugs, Wiggins reported. Of the 34 cases handled by the agency, 30 were drug related.

"When you take into consideration there has only been three of us there for the past few years, what we have accomplished has been substantial," Wiggins said.

Wiggins explained to the council the dip in cases is a result of "personnel problems," including Wiggins being the only ACET member for several months.

He discussed two new officers, Craig Police Department sergeant Marvin Cameron and Moffat County Sheriff's Office deputy Bhrent Shock, who joined the department Feb. 1.

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He expects numbers to be up in 2010 due to the new officers and a "relaxed drug community."

"Those individuals who are in the drug business, whether users or distributors, have relaxed a little bit and just started being a little more blatant about their drug activity," Wiggins said. "That's what we're seeing is that it's just out of control."

Wiggins also commented that the number of cases being handled, while keeping the department busy, is not over-working officers.

"We just have to prioritize our time," he said. "We need to take the cases we know we can work with just three guys."

In 2009, ACET had 14 methamphetamine cases, six cocaine cases, three psilocybin and marijuana cases, one ecstasy case and four prescription drug cases.

ACET seized more than 800 grams of methamphetamine, totaling an estimated $96,480, and 6,665 grams of marijuana, totaling an estimated $107,000.

The organization arrested 34 suspects, 12 of which represent pending cases.

"Even though our stats our down, when you factor in the last three years all together, we're right on par for what we can handle as a three-man force," Wiggins said. "I hope we can keep doing what we are doing making good solid cases.

"We have got a 99-percent conviction rate, that's almost unheard of," he said. "I'm very satisfied with the quality of work we are doing."

Wiggins agreed to present statistics to the City Council every quarter in light of the recent criminal cases involving former ACET officers Ken Johnson and Bob Brabo.

"With all the stuff that has happened in the last year, we kind of went back and had to start over and I think what is going to happen from now on is going to be a better deal," council member Joe Herod said.

Other action

At its Tuesday meeting, the Craig City Council:

■ Approved, 6-0, resolution No. 5, 2010 to re-zone the properties east of Haughey Road and north of East Victory Way to the city limit boundary from “residential low density” to “rural residential.”

■ Approved, 6-0, a bid to Tri-State Equipment to purchase a John Deer rotary mower for $33,018.01 for the Parks and Recreation Department.

■ Approved, 6-0, a bid to purchase and install new Hon brand office furniture from Jackson’s Office Supply in Craig for $22,345 for the downstairs City Hall remodeling project.

■ Approved, 6-0, to award Anson Excavation the cleaning of the No. 2 backwash pond at the power plant not to exceed $8,000 in cost.

■ Approved, 6-0, ordinance No. 1002 to carryover budgeted projects or commitments not accomplished in 2009 into the 2010 budget.

■ Approved, 6-0, ordinance No. 1003 amending Title 8 concerning Health and Safety, and Title 10 concerning vehicles and traffic of the Craig municipal code.

■ Approved, 5-0, ordinance No. 1004 adopting text amendments to the city of Craig municipal code, chapter 16, articles 3 and 7 to revise certain provisions of the land use code related to the development of land and land use regulations. Council member Byron Willems abstained from voting.

■ Heard a 2009 year-end financial report from finance director Bruce Nelson.

■ Heard from Moffat County commissioner Audrey Danner, who introduced John Conley of the Statewide Internet Portal Authority. Conley gave a brief description and history of SIPA.

■ Council member Terry Carwile was not at the meeting.

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