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A new mindset

Trenna Kaiser, Blue Print

This year Moffat County High School has three new teachers: Mrs. Kartus, Ms. Jarvis, and Mrs. Reyes. All three are happy to be here. They are impressed with the town of Craig and the district.

Mrs. Kartus, the new history and government teacher, moved to Steamboat Springs from Littleton, Colorado. Mrs. Kartus has been a substitute for four and a half years but this is her first year as a full-time teacher. The only thing she doesn’t like about Colorado is the cold, but she likes the mountains. Outside of school she hikes, reads, walks her dogs, and watches television. Her favorite part of teaching is getting to know the students and making sure that the students have fun in class. When she was asked if she could have dinner with one person in history who would it be she answered, Rosa Parks.The reason behind this is that she seemed empowered and she was very inspiring. The people who inspire her most are when her students are engaged.

Mrs. Reyes, a new Spanish teacher, came to the United States from Cali, Columbia. At first, she moved with a friend to New Jersey. “I came to Colorado because I heard that it was a good state to raise kids,” said Mrs. Reyes. Outside of school, she loves to paint and she has been for seven years. She describes the Spanish language in one word, “Fascinating. The history of the language and the culture of the words and meanings are very fascinating,” Reyes said. Her favorite part of another culture is learning it and being a part of it. She loves Craig and the fact that we are so welcoming to everyone. Reyes said that the people here are very nice and that she can tell that this is a very community based city and that it is kind of like being at home in Columbia.

The last new teacher is Ms. Jarvis, a science teacher. She moved to Craig from Burlington, Iowa. This is her very first year teaching. She came to Moffat County because of the climate and the people but she likes all of Colorado in general. The person who inspires her the most is her father. “All he did is try to better himself and the world,” said Ms. Jarvis. Outside of school she used to play disc golf before she moved here. She now plays video games, Skypes, and plays with her dog, Chase. Jarvis said, “One lesson that I would teach is to question everything it is the foundation of science.”

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