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More than 600 people celebrate Moffat County’s centennial

The smell of good food, the sound of guitars and the welcoming sight of hundreds of people having a good time. That was the scene Friday night at the covered picnic area of the Moffat County Fairgrounds. For Moffat County Commissioner Audrey Danner, it was the combination of those things and more that made the evening so rewarding.

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Byron Cooper: a man of integrity

Some of the people who helped build Craig did so without benefit of publicity that comes from a long life. But lack of mention doesn't mean lack of importance.

Al Martinez a man of faith and leadership

The Martinez family was an active group, devoted to home and one another. Their home at 631 Tucker St. was a lively place. It was in this home that Lee and Siria Martinez welcomed their son, Alfred, on March 31, 1937. He was the third of five children who filled the home with love and faith. Only two of the children - Al and Ben - were born in Craig.

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Craig residents, youths tour governor's residence, state Capitol building

Two centennials, one celebration

Ray Beck, Craig City Council member, was 57 years old before he set foot in Colorado's Capitol building.

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Elsie Wingo won the hearts of her community

The current economic events are not the first to turn the United States into a financial tailspin. As we watch giant corporations turn to the government for help, it's helpful to remember that, in the Great Depression of the 1930s, people tended to help themselves doing whatever it took to survive.

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Saed Tayyara: Living the American dream

In many ways, Saed Tayyara epitomized the American dream - not of monetary wealth but the wealth that comes from dedication and the love of freedom.

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Gary Neptune: pastor to the people

The people of Craig always have held to their faith to help them build the community and sustain their lives. It took a special person to be a spiritual leader on the frontier - whether it was in the late 1880s or the mid-20th century.

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Craig's early gas stations

With the dramatic decline in gas prices during the past several months after record highs this summer, a fill up doesn't seem to hurt nearly so bad, at least for awhile.

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509 Yampa stands the test of time

Many of Craig's early residents added to the history of the town. The marks they left still can be seen today.

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Loyd DeuPree III - one of Craig's best

In addition to raising prime livestock and produce, Moffat County also has produced some wonderful people. Loyd DeuPree certainly was one of the best.

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Christian Church of Craig rises from ashes

The early residents of Craig knew the importance of building homes, clearing the land and creating infrastructure for their new town, but they also knew the importance of fellowship and faith to strengthen them.

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Drugstores have long tradition in Craig

Today's consumers are accustomed to picking up their drug prescriptions and home medical supplies in a section of a grocery or discount store that is part of a chain. The concept of a chain store may seem a modern phenomenon, but it is nearly as old as the city of Craig.

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Ida Freeman Fox: The lost Freeman grave

Many of Craig's historical stories deal with people making their mark on the growing town and settling happily into the community. These families find themselves in the pages of the newspaper frequently throughout the years as they make their contributions.

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Coles kept the books for Moffat County

While some of Craig's leaders worked in the limelight, helping the city to grow, others stayed in the background, providing invaluable guidance in critical areas.

A year, plus 99, in the making

About 100 years after the Gerber family first settled near Craig, Arloa Gerber found herself attending one of the final meetings of the Craig Centennial Committee.