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4-H horse show fills day with equestrain events

Elwood Shelton

It seemed almost like deja vu Monday afternoon when the 4-H Horse Show High Points Grand Champions were announced. The champion of Friday and Saturday’s Open Horse show, Kacey Snowden, once again sat atop two categories in the senior section Western and English.

Though Snowden was able to capture two High Point Grand Champion titles, Doyal Moon edged her out of the Gymkhana section by more than six points.

“I kind of knew that I had a good chance to take the Gymkhana,” Moon said. “I have a lot of experience with the Gymkhana events since I rodeo for the high school and for Little Britches, not to mention I go to the rodeo they hold in the arena every Wednesday night.”

The 4-H Horse Show was divided into three sections: Western, English and Gymkhana. In each section, there were a number of events that coincided with each particular riding style.

The sections were then divided into four age categories: Senior, intermediate, junior and novice. The three sections, with four different age categories, created 56 events for the 4-H horse show, taking the entire day to complete.

Each section of the horse show had a number of events specific to that riding style. In the English section, riders competed in English riding, Hunt Seat equitation and Hunt Seat equitation over jumps.

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The Western section included showmanship, horsemanship, reining, riding and trail.

Gymkhana, pronounced jim-caana, is another word for rodeo events, and included barrels, poles, flags, goat tying, breakaway roping and dally team roping.

There were two different types of show events, with one judging the horse and the other judging the rider’s style.

The events which fit into the first description are English Riding and Western Riding.

The show events including Hunt Seat equitation, jumps, reining, horsemanship and trail fit in the second description.

Gymkhana is in class of its own, since most of its events are time based.

Although the horse show was an all-day affair, it went smoother then it has in the past.

Last year, the Gymkhana section of the show was postponed for more than a week because of a rain storm that flooded the arena, making it unrideable.

“The show went real well. We were able to get everything done in one day, which was nice, and truthfully, we got the show done in a pretty short time,” Moon said.

The only weather-related problem that horse show participants had to deal with was the morning’s near-100 degree heat and the afternoon’s dust storms.

It was the dust storm that created the most havoc for the show, creating uneasiness in the horses and temporary blindness in the riders.

“The dust kicked up when I was about to start my jumps,” Intermediate Western High Points Champion Kalli Deatherage said. “It made my approaches hard to see, and made my horse spooky on the course, but we got through it.”

Aside from the ill-tempered weather, the show went off without a hitch, pleasing event organizers.

“The show seemed to come together well for everyone involved, and we were able to get it all finished in one day, which basically adds up to a good show,” Moffat County 4-H Director Nate Balstad said.

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