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4-H agent Duncan resigns

Jennifer Duncan, Moffat County’s 4-H agent, has resigned from her position after 3 1/2 months in Craig. Sunday was her last day.

“I wanted to see the kids through the end of the fair,” she said.

Duncan resigned for professional reasons she did not want to discuss.

She took over as 4-H agent after the October 2004 resignation of Moffat County Colorado State University Director Nate Balstad. Elisa Shackelton moved into the director position.

Duncan, a former Routt County extension office agricultural administrative assistant, was hired as the new agent. Her first day was May 2.

She will move onto a job as a manager at Alpine Taxi in Steamboat Springs.

Shackelton is disappointed by Duncan’s resignation but is looking ahead to finding her replacement.

“CSU is committed to getting on this right away,” Shackelton said.

She will serve on the selection committee with community members and representatives from CSU. Shackelton thinks the process could take up to six months.

The 4-H agent position is time consuming and demanding because of the number of people served by one person.

“Being a 4-H agent is a position that requires a lot more hours than most other positions in an extension office,” said Tory VanTassel, Moffat County horticulture agent. “There are night meetings, weekend trips and meetings, and a lot of 4-H functions to attend.”

In addition, VanTassel said that candidates for the position must have a bache–lor’s degree.

Other employees in the extension office will have to assume job responsibilities in Duncan’s absence. In the fall, this includes 4-H recruiting and the beginning of enrollment, Shackelton said. A big event is 4-H Achievement Night, scheduled for November.

“It’ll be hard,” she said. “But we’ll get through it again.”

For more information on the position, call the extension office at 824-9180.