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4-H Achievment Night Awards — Part 2

Diane Prather

Awards and recognition — it's what 4-H Achievement is all about. This year's Achievement Night was held Oct. 29 at the Moffat County High School Auditorium, and this week's story is Part 2 of the award results.

Installation of 4-H Council officers is held at each Achievement Night. This year, the following officers were installed: President Makayla Goodnow; Vice-President Emily Wellman; Secretary Robert Baker; senators Emily Wellman and Makayla Goodnow; and club representatives Mattie Jo Duzik, Taylor Duzik, Karissa Maneotis, Will Pilgrim, Alexi Goodnow and Emma Balstad.

Karissa Maneotis was recognized as the District 11 president. This qualified her to be on the State Officer Team where she holds the position of secretary.

Other awards included the following.

• Producer's Choice Awards: These awards are presented to youth who are trying to replicate the sheep industry to the best of their ability. Three awards are given in all. The first one is given during the Moffat County Fair. The other two are presented at Achievement Night. Award No. 2 is based on rate of gain, carcass contest, test score, oral presentation and record book. Award No. 3 is given to the top individual overall with the best pen of two lambs that rated the highest overall in the carcass and rate of gain contests.

Award No. 2:

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Intermediate Division — Derek Maiolo

Senior Division — Emily Wellman

Award No. 3:

Emily Wellman

Also within the Producer's Choice Awards is the Breeding Program Award. This is based on test score, interview score and record book score. The member must be enrolled in the breeding sheep project.

• Breeding Program Award: Junior Division, Kelton Villard

• The 2009 Producer's Choice Oral Presentation Winners:


1st: Stetson White

2nd: Emily Wellman


1st: Derek Maiolo

2nd: Trey Norton

3rd: Kayla Hall

4th: Brice White


1st: Kelton Villard

• Horse Advancement — This levels program is designed for the serious horseman to progress and test horsemanship and training skills. There are four levels. Everyone in Moffat County is required to pass Level 1 in order to participate in the county fair.

The following girls successfully passed Level 2 riding and written tests:

Breanne Willshire and Samantha Wiseman

The following girls successfully passed Level 3 tests:

Samantha Wiseman and Taylor Duzik

• Outstanding Horseman Award — This award is a composition of points which 4-H members ear through class placement, levels testing, attending the Livestock Expo and record book scores.

• 2009 Outstanding Horseman Award — Taylor Duzik

• Best Kept Livestock and Horse Record Awards — These awards were presented to recognize 4-H members who have excelled in the area of keeping records. ("Enterprise" is one project. "Two enterprise" indicates two projects or species, etc.)

Overall Top Five Books (age and enterprise not a factor):

1st: Bryanne Runnion

2nd: Alexi Goodnow

3rd: Will Pilgrim

4th: Eryn Leonard

5th: Miranda Blomquist

One Enterprise Junior:

1st: Katia Voloshion

2nd: Karmen Christopher

3rd: Trent Vernon

4th: Josey King

5th: Brianna Harrington

One Enterprise Intermediate:

1st: Eryn Leonard

2nd: Kayla Hall

3rd: Cheyenne Ossen

4th: Faith Santistevan

5th: Delaney Baker

One Enterprise Senior:

1st: Bryanne Runnion

2nd: Miranda Blomquist

3rd: Terra Rieser

4th Ashleigh Santistevan

5th: Ashley King

Overall One Enterprise (age not a factor):

1st: Bryanne Runnion

2nd: Eryn Leonard

3rd: Miranda Blomquist

4th: Kayla Hall

5th: Cheyenne Ossen

Two Enterprise Junior:

1st: Emma Balstad

2nd: Summer Ossen

3rd: Katie Haskins

Two Enterprise Intermediate:

1st: Alexi Goodnow

2nd: Will Pilgrim

3rd: Robert Baker

4th: Brice White

5th: Dakota Lee

Two Enterprise Senior:

1st: Makayla Goodnow

2nd: Stetson White

3rd: Emily Wellman

4th: Hannah Coy

5th: Chelsee Camblin

Overall Two Enterprise (age not a factor):

1st: Alexi Goodnow

2nd: Will Pilgrim

3rd: Makayla Goodnow

4th: Emma Balstad

5th: Robert Baker

Three Enterprise Junior:

1st: Mattie Jo Duzik

Three Enterprise Intermediate:

1st: Taylor Duzik

2nd: Mackenzie Camblin

3rd: Breanne Willshire

Three Enterprise Senior:

1st: Call Camblin

Four Enterprise Intermediate:

1st: Jerica DeLong

Five Enterprise Junior:

1st: Andrea Maneotis

Five Enterprise Senior:

1st: Karissa Maneotis

Overall 3, 4, & 5 Enterprise (age not a factor):

1st: Taylor Duzik

2nd: Karissa Maneotis

3rd: Mattie Jo Duzik

4th: Call Camblin

5th: Jerica DeLong

• Best Kept Dog Records: This award is to recognize youth who have excelled in the area of keeping records.

1st Year Dog Records:

1st: Emma Balstad

2nd: Justin Dugan

3rd: Nathan Ditges

4th: Brooke Hahn

5th: Marissa Butler

Advanced Dog Records:

1st: Brooke Krause

2nd: Faith Santistevan

3rd: Kayla Hall

4th: Colton Hall

5th: Imelda Hernandez

Pins were presented to leaders (first, fifth and 10th years), Junior Leaders, and 4-H members (fifth, eighth, ninth, 10th and 11th years). Club certificates for Community Pride and Club Completion were presented, and the 4-H Foundation gave cash awards, according to criteria, such as keeping pens and alleyways clean, keeping animals watered and fed, cooperation, sportsmanship and others during the county fair.

The 2009 specie cash awards were presented to: Maybell Rustlers for beef; Double Trouble for sheep and goats; Elkhead Wranglers for swine; and Rabbit Rustlers for small animals. The Overall Top Club/Chapter Award went to Elkhead Wranglers.

Members picked up completion certificates, livestock record books and trophy pictures after the award ceremony.

Congratulations to all of the 4-H members and leaders.

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