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25 Shades of Craig: Cheating, part1

Trinity Nicks

Having a broken heart is one thing, but when your broken heart is caused by someone cheating on you it takes things to a different level.

Most of us have been in a relationship where cheating was involved, it might have been back in high school but the effects from it last a life time.

Cheating is a problem that seems to happen more and more these days. I have always voiced the opinion in my relationships that if you chose to not be with me then don't be with me, but please don't cheat on me.

Cheating effects all parties involved whether you want to believe it or not. From the one doing the cheating to the one who you are cheating with and the innocent party at home whom has no clue what is going on, when you cheat on someone you are being disrespectful to everyone involved.

If you have respect for either of the people that you are involved with then you would end one relationship before moving on to the next. When you cheat on someone you are showing that you can't be trusted, you are not honest and are only thinking about yourself with no regard to how anyone else feels.

I believe there are two types of cheating, emotional and physical. Men tend to physically cheat more whereas women tend to have emotional affairs.

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Cheating leaves emotional scars on everyone involved. The one being cheated on will always wonder why their partner cheated on them, why were they not good enough, when are they going to do it again and can will they ever trust again?

There are many layers to cheating next week we will look at the two types of cheating and why people cheat.

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