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25 Shades of Craig: Cheating, part 2

Trinity Nicks

Cheating is a topic that many people don't like to discuss but let's be honest, cheating has been going on for years.

Look at relationships in the past and present and list the people not only in the public eye that have cheated, but also the people in your own personal life.

Over the years, cheating has become easier and easier to do because of our advances in technology. These days a majority of people have cell phones where they can text, send pictures, email, chat and visit web sites all in one place.

How many of us have a password on our phone so others are unable to access the information? There are many different ways to cheat on a person and way too many to list.

But when you cut through all the reasons and excuses why people cheat, they tend to come to the same conclusion: either their emotional or physical needs were no longer being met.

A woman tends to lean more towards emotional cheating then physical and men tend to lean more to physical affairs. I am not saying that women don't have physical affairs or that men don't have emotional ones because they do.

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Thoughts and desires of being with another person enter the picture when someone feels like they are no longer desired, respected, needed or loved.

If we are honest with our partners and with ourselves when these thoughts and feeling arise it will be easier to handle the issues then after an affair has happened.

Being honest is a hard thing to do because we don't like to hurt others, but when we become honest with ourselves about our needs and wants it is easier to be honest with others.

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