John Pogline: Thanks, Lou Hahn


To the editor:

Thank you, Lou Hahn, for the excellent letter. I firmly believe that anyone that believes selling dope to bolster our economy should not be voted into office. So, vote for Joe Bird. And Jennifer James, yes God did create the plants but not all are for consumption. Try smoking columbines or daises or eating locoweed (which is probably a better name for pot). But God did say that our bodies are a temple and we are not to pollute them. And pot does no good for our bodies.

And yes, there are doctors that prescribe pot, but there are just as many doctors that say there are medications that do the same thing as pot.

And to the contrary, the feds do have jurisdiction. If the Feds want to come in and enforce the federal law against pot, they can. And I hope they do it soon.

We can get along without pot and we definitely do not need another vote and another vote and another vote and...

John Pogline



Vicki Huyser 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Obviously you did not bother to attend the candidate forum. Mr. Ponikvar is not in favor of "selling dope to bolster our economy". Of course you are free to vote your choice, but at least make an intelligent choice instead of spouting ignorance and false information. I did attend the forum. Mr. Ponikvar clearly stated he is against recreational marijuana sales.


Mark Jacobson 3 weeks, 2 days ago

I find it hilarious that a candidate like Joe Bird can even be a consideration in a town like this, he comes off as a closeted tax and spend type of guy.


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