Lou Hahn: In response to Paul James


To the editor:

To Paul James, in reference to your Letter to the Editor in the Saturday Morning Press on March 18, I hope your letter will be your last best effort to get pot or as you call it “cannabis” established in Craig. If the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” as you call them are for supporting a good healthy community for our Craig youth without dugs, than I and anyone with children have to vote against anyone you support.

We as Americans cannot pick and choose the laws we want to follow. Pot has not been approved by our government; why are we even talking about or considering a vote on this? Yes, “Good Ol’ Boys,” I’m glad you are using your position in government to support the laws of our land.

John Ponikvar, I’m sorry that Paul James had to write a letter in your support. I don’t think he did you a favor.

Lou Hahn



Vicki Huyser 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Mr. Hahn - if you had bothered to attend the candidate forum, you would know that Mr. Ponikvar is not in favor of retail marijuana. He stated quite clearly that the issue should be on the ballot for the people to decide, and he personally would vote NO. He is in favor of democracy and the people's right to vote. With this being such a controversial issue, it should indeed be on the ballot. Since so many people are "against", what is your worry about a vote? Personally, I am sick of the ridiculous back and forth, especially of those citing untrue facts based on nothing more than old school phobias. And no, I am not advocating for retail marijuana. I am, however, advocating for my right to vote. Please tell me how you would feel if the City Council decided on their own to allow retail marijuana in Craig. I think you would be complaining about your right to vote. Under those circumstances, I would still be advocating for democracy and MY right to vote. I fully support John Ponikvar for Mayor based on his merits. He is levelheaded with an unbiased listening ability. Additionally, he comprehends and embraces his role of working for the people.


Mark Jacobson 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Vicki I couldn't agree more and I'm thankful you wrote in. Ponikvar also stated this in CDP's excellent article here http://www.craigdailypress.com/news/2...

Lou Hahn sure didn't do himself any favors either with this letter to the editor. I'm all for putting it to a vote and entirely prepared to accept the results either way. I'm fully prepared to accept the results of 1A either way as well, as it's being decided exactly as it should. I'd much rather live in a place where we are at least given the option to vote as opposed to being told we can't vote on it. Ponikvar made this abundantly clear and won a lot of support based on that alone. The KKK endorsed Trump and the Black Panthers endorsed Obama, I'm not going to change my support for a candidate because of someone else endorsing or opposing them, I'm basing it on my views and my needs as part of the electorate.


Paul James 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Remember that time that Lou Hahn implied that my support for John Ponikvar would ruin his chances at winning the spot for mayor? Well this is awkward...


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