Melton and Elaine Sullivan: We support Ponikvar


To the editor:

Two years ago, we wrote the citizens of Craig in support of a City Council candidate John Ponikvar. And two years later, looking at the same city council elections, our perspective remains unchanged. Our perspective is this: In a community of our size, it’s not often, in any political race, a candidate steps forward possessing the experience, the leadership capabilities and the genuine enthusiasm that is John Ponikvar.

We’ve known John for more than 30 years and are blessed to have him as a best friend. It’s a friendship based in trust, based in values. We’ve watched him grow his retail business into one of the most successful in our community and gain recognition within his franchise peer group as a top franchise in the state of Colorado. It’s his business acumen, his strategic focus and his energy that drives the enterprise.

T&H Parts is known as a popular stop, a first stop, in soliciting contributions and donations for most every charity and endeavor in our community. John’s generosity, his experience, his advice are continuously sought after. In each community service, John, through strength of character, of personality, through experience and knowledge, through energy and enthusiasm drives the agenda, directs the strategic goal. John is the type of person that won’t allow the urgent to diminish his focus on the important.

Craig is his home. And, he will tell you that your community is what you make it.

As we said two years ago, by voting for John Ponikvar in the Craig city election is your opportunity to help our community. Please join with us in supporting and voting for John Ponikvar for Craig City Mayor.

Melton and Elaine Sullivan



Mark Jacobson 1 month, 1 week ago

When Ponikvar said "Government has a chain of command — in Craig it starts with the citizens, followed by City Council, city manager, department heads, etc." he sold me.

I honestly don't know the guy but have heard of the family and interacted with various members over the years. He stated "Ethically, we represent the whole community, not just those that hold the same values as us individually. To deny the right to vote is to deny the value each and every individual brings to the community." and even if he is playing the role of the politician that's still a message I can get behind and support. Let's get this guy elected.


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