Bill Johnston: 3 council members are wrong


To the editor:

I am curious how others feel about half of Craig City Council voting against recreational pot sales being on the April ballot? Whether you are for or against the sale of recreational pot in Craig, don't you find it disturbing when politicians are afraid of letting citizens vote for an issue? I attended meetings where the three councilors used two excuses for not allowing a democratic vote.

First excuse was that the "voters have already spoken." No we haven't. They are referring to the original legalization of pot vote, several years ago, where Moffat County voted against it by a narrow margin. We have never been asked what we think about retail sales of the already legalized pot.

The second excuse is that the group trying to get the question on the ballot did not have enough petition signatures therefore they are trying to skip steps. No they are not. They are using the procedures already allowed. For example, the sales tax increase question on the April ballot was approved by the city council, not by petition. So it's OK to use this procedure for the council but not the citizens. Something's very wrong when some politicians won't allow the citizens a voice. Let me know what you think.

Bill Johnston

Craig City Council candidate


Vicki Huyser 2 months, 1 week ago

I find it very disturbing that 3 people decided this issue should not be on the ballot for voters to decide. First, I should say, I am not advocating for recreational marijuana. I actually voted no on 64. However, I am appalled by the way this matter was handled and wonder how other issues may be handled in the future. The question was "should it be on the ballot". Personal opinions, experiences, and feelings should not have entered this council vote. It should absolutely be decided by the people. I believe these 3 council members do not want recreational marijuana and fear the vote may pass, considering the current state of our economy. While they are certainly entitled to their opinion, it should be voiced in their vote on a ballot, not in a decision to place this controversial matter on the ballot for all citizens to be heard. Additionally, I see their decision to place a tax question on the ballot...with no citizen an abuse of power. Why do they feel empowered to pick and choose what the voters should decide? I appreciate your stance on this ballot issue, and you can count on my vote. I also support Mr. Ogden for reelection, and Mr. Ponikvar for Mayor. I look forward to hearing the opinions of the other candidates because I see a lot of open seats.


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