John Pogline: No means no


To the editor:

It seems that there are still people out there that still do not know what no means. Let me reiterate: The majority of voters vote not to allow the growth and sales of recreational pot. This means no. Then, not enough signatures are obtained to put pot up for vote. Again, this means no. Then the city council has a tie vote on whether or not to put the pot vote on the next ballot. Again, this means no. And the city rules are: If it is a tie vote, it does not pass. This is the rule, it is not unconstitutional. So, in all of these instances, the people are saying “no pot.”

And contrary to what some believe, denial of allowing the growth and/or the sales of recreational pot is not telling anyone they are not willing to help bring jobs to Craig. It is saying that people here are responsible enough to say we do not need to sell drugs to survive. It is saying we do not want to expose our young to pot in this community or to exemplify selling drugs is okay if you need money.

John Pogline



Mark Jacobson 2 months, 3 weeks ago

While I have different beliefs on the question about the sale of recreational pot, one thing I do want to say is that the ship has sailed.

Dinosaur legalized it, and as a result nobody will be coming to Craig for it when the Utah folks can just make a pit stop in Dinosaur. Opportunity missed, the ship has sailed, and the benefits will only be a fraction of what they could've been. I honestly don't believe the issue is even worth tracking anymore, and oddly I find myself agreeing with Mr. Pogline here. We've put it to a vote already and it got shot down. The time to revisit this shouldn't be annually, but perhaps every 4 to 8 years. This is just a waste of time at this point.


Paul James 2 months, 3 weeks ago

It actually has been 4 years since the city was allowed to vote on this measure in it's entirety, which is one of the reasons we have been pushing it so hard. Furthermore, in the last few months we have been receiving an outpouring of support from all sorts of community members, mainly business owners and veterans who want to see this change made in Craig. The issue is as much the money lost from our community by people who live here shopping in Steamboat as it is the new money being brought in, which will still happen. We still get people through from Wyoming often, people here visiting, and during hunting season we would financially destroy both Dinosaur and Steamboat in sales. But yeah, this actually hasn't been revisited "annually" and the Committee to Grow Craig had nothing to with the recreational grow only measure at the county level in 2014.


michael lausin 2 months, 3 weeks ago

That's all well and good that Mr Pogline doesn't want retail cannabis sales here. What I haven't heard from Mr Pogline is how Craig will grow. I haven't heard any suggestions from Mr Pogline on bringing jobs to Craig. Mr Pogline seems to be content that Craig will become this backwater little town, and that's fine for Mr Pogline. But what about the rest of us who would like to live in a town with a vibrant economy?

Contrary to what you might think Mr Pogline, yes retail cannabis will provide jobs. By polling the cannabis businesses in Steamboat I found that each one of them have 3-5 employees, some up to 10. Not a staggering number by any means, but it's more jobs than were here before considering we lost 30 jobs when Kmart closed.

It's great to be a naysayer Mr Pogline, but if you don't have any suggestions on how to help our town grow and have a vibrant economy, you're part of the problem that is holding us back. Actions speak louder than words. Create a business to bring more jobs to Craig, then we won't have to look at successful multi-million dollar industries that might be unpalatable to your conservative sensibilities.


George Robertson 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Mr. Lausin, There are good number of people in Craig that Don't want it to grow, and live there because it IS a backwater little town. Craig has Always been a boom/bust economy, and those that have weathered them enjoy the booms while they're on a roll, but look forward to the busts when all of those that moved to Craig because they saw something they liked and then set to trying to change all the things they didn't like leave. I do however believe retail pot in Craig is a Good idea.


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