Moffat County real estate transactions for February, March


Editor’s note: The Craig Daily Press will print real estate transactions as they become available from the Moffat County Assessor’s office. Due to a computer update and other duties, the assessor’s office is currently trying to catch up on real estate filings.

Moffat County real estate transactions for February and March 2014:


Seller: Ramond A. Green Family Trust

Buyer: Adam and Rachel Cook

Address: 849 Barclay St.

Sale price: $162,000

Seller: William and Candace Havey

Buyer: Trevor Joe Campbell

Address: 762 Exmoor Rd.

Sale price: $183,600

Seller: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

Buyer: Joseph and Lauren Padon

Address: 945 Alta Vista Dr.

Sale price: $233,500

Seller: Jerry and Donna Thompson

Buyer: William Rice

Address: 2120 Baker Dr.

Sale price: $28,000

Seller: Daniel Seely

Buyer: Daniel McClellan

Address: 3391 County Road 103

Sale price: $187,500

Seller: Jeff Pleasant

Buyer: Robet Neher

Address: 915 Alta Vista Dr.

Sale price: $284,000

Seller: Mark Corey

Buyer: Kendre Dipietro

Address: 1260 Barclay St.

Sale price: $195,000

Seller: Robert James Baca

Buyer: Brandon Sparger

Address: 2927 Pinon Dr.

Sale price: $285,000

Seller: Rick Mosher

Buyer: Theresa Cano

Address: 585 Pershing St.

Sale price: $140,000

Seller: Laine Self

Buyer: Samuel Miller

Address: 1105 Aspen Ave.

Sale price: $42,000

Seller: Secretary of Hud

Buyer: NCM Holdings LLC

Address: 774 School St.

Sale price: $50,300

Seller: Center Stock LLC

Buyer: Lone Tree Trust LLC

Address: Ridgeview Apartments at 615 Riford Rd.

Sale price: $1,425,000

Seller: Federal Home Loan Mortgage

Buyer: Sean Schneegas

Address: 694 Colorado St.

Sale price: $139,000


Seller: Sheridan Dewey Revocable Trust

Buyer: Brenton Lee Kunkle

Address: 180 Cortner Ln.

Sale price: $164,000

Seller: Jake Kruse

Buyer: Shaye Bruggink

Address: 812 Breeze St.

Sale price: $113,000

Seller: Robert and Mary Gonzales

Buyer: Shayn and Erin Kapptie

Address: 3845 Exmoor Pl.

Sale price: $175,000

Seller: Jack and Vicki Hughes

Buyer: Tanner and Brittney Linsacum

Address: 764 Ashley Rd.

Sale price: $162,400

Seller: Marie Schneider

Buyer: Nicholas and Jessica Marchbanks

Address: 1908 W. Third St.

Sale price: $158,000

Seller: Monahan Fr, E.P. Revocable Trust

Buyer: Kevin Oxley

Address: 397 Sandrock Dr.

Sale price: $205,000

Seller: Cherratina Pankey

Buyer: Tad Lee

Address: 858 County Road 29

Sale price: $215,000

Seller: David Gines

Buyer: David Wildermuth

Address: 1080 Ranney St. South

Sale price: $145,500

Seller: Janiene and Ryan Mattern

Buyer: Daniel Seely

Address: 1043 Taylor St.

Sale price: $250,000


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