County assembly will determine which local candidates can get on the ballot


Local races in the 2014 elections

Moffat County Commissioners

John Kinkaid, District 1: First term expires 2017

Chuck Grobe, District 2: First term expires 2017

Tom Mathers, District 3: Second term expires 2015

• Owner of Best Western Deer Park Inn & Suites Frank Moe is running against Office of Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Soos for the 2015 District 3 seat.

Other Moffat County position

County Sheriff Tim Jantz: Second term expires 2015

• Lt. KC Hume, operations chief at Moffat County Sheriff’s Office, is running against Moffat County Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Dalton for the open seat.

County Assessor Robert Razzano: First term expires 2015

•Cornerstone Realty Broker Assistant Chuck Cobb will be running uncontested for the seat.

County Clerk and Recorder Lila Herod: First term expires 2015

County Treasurer Elaine Sullivan: First term expires 2015

• Chief Deputy of the Moffat County Treasurer and Public Trustee's Office Linda Peters is running uncontested for the seat.

County Coroner Kirk McKey: First term expires 2015

County Surveyor Peter Epp: First term expires 2015

Craig City Council

Mayor Terry Carwile: Term expires 2015

Don Jones: Term expires 2015

Jarrod Ogden: Term expires 2017

Ray Beck: Term expires 2015

Tony Bohrer: Term expires 2017

Joe Bird: Term expires 2015

Kent Nielson: Term expires 2015

Candidates for Moffat County elected offices will be one step closer to the election this Saturday.

The Republican County Assembly will bring together the local delegates, voted on in the county caucuses, to choose which candidates they want to be put onto the June primary ballot.

“At the assembly, the delegates will be voting on which Republican will be making it onto the primary ballot,” said Brandi Meek, Moffat County chairwoman of the Republican Party.

Candidates need either 30 percent of the delegate vote from Saturday’s assembly to proceed, or more than 10 percent of the vote with follow-up petition from supportive voters.

But so far, no one has positioned themselves to take the petition route, Meek said.

Out of six county elections, only two are contested: the sheriff and the District 3 county commissioner race.

Lt. KC Hume, operations chief at Moffat County Sheriff’s Office, and Deputy Larry Dalton will be vying for the soon-to-be open sheriff’s seat. The open commissioner seat will see two candidates with much different backgrounds: Frank Moe, owner of Best Western Inn and Suites, and Tom Soos, coordinator for the Office of Emergency Management.

The other races — for clerk and recorder, assessor, treasurer, coroner and surveyor — each only have one candidate running.

The assembly also will help determine what delegates and resolutions the county republicans send to the state assembly April 12.

From the large pool of delegates, only about 18 (and alternates) will head to the capitol to vote on the state’s party candidates and platforms.

Moffat County Clerk and Recorder Lila Herod said she is excited for the assembly, and that while only delegates can take part in voting, anybody can observe.

“Visitors and guests are welcome to come. They just can’t vote,” she said.

The county assembly will take place from 8:30 a.m. until noon Saturday at Sandrock Elementary School.

Contact Erin Fenner at 970-875-1794 or

Contact Erin Fenner at 970-875-1794 or


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