Lawrence L. Sober: Increasing revenue


There are many examples of communities that have used incentives to attract new business to their communities. This is not a new concept. The gains in revenue throughout time outweigh the advantage of adding extra costs up front.

How much revenue is the community now collecting off the vacant lot behind the east Kum & Go store? How much from the Sonic project? Business closures are also a loss of revenue for the community, and that is why you must diversify the economy. Consider the risks in any long-range planning, but do not fear competition. Competition and new ideas are good for everyone.

Ask the people running for office what they would do to increase revenue in our community. The next two elections are going to be two of the most important elections in history. Colorado now is trying to pass even more gun laws that will hurt our hunting revenues in this area.

Without new streams of revenue, the July 4 fireworks will not be the only thing we will lose as a community. Job loss means lost revenue. Competition to attract new business will increase as communities across the country look for future growth and revenue. Use our strengths to promote what we have here. Great schools, leaders with a vision for the future, historic sights, hunting and fishing, hotel accommodations and great people, as well as one of the best golf courses in the area and yearlong activities.

Lawrence L. Sober



Allen Hischke 2 years, 6 months ago

One of the first things that must happen to increase revenue in this area is many of the businesses must do much better at customer service.

This weekend I visited a local hardware store that was promoting a lawn fertilizer sale. While the store employees were busy making sure these was product on the shelf, none of it was marked with a price. I left the store. I grow tired of having to beg people to sell me things, I will either go somewhere else or do without.

We have a fuel supplier here, that wants everyone to buy thier fuel, but they recently shutdown for what they call a construction project. I have so far seen no construction on that businesses site, but have been inconvenienced for over 2 weeks with no fuel card service.

And if you want to increase revenue in this area, you need to get the Useless Fish And Wildlife Service out of here. Since they have arrived nearly 30 years ago, they have destroyed the sport fishing in the Yampa River, and in doing so have destroyed the tourist trade in this area.


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