Allen Hischke: Let's solve bear problem


To the editor:

I just read the article in the Craig Daily Press about the “bear problems” in Steamboat Springs.  

We have in recent years had “bear problems” here in Craig.
I urge everyone, hunter and no-hunter alike, to contact their local, state and U.S. representatives and urge them to bring back spring and baited bear hunting as it was many years ago here in Colorado.

When spring and baited hunting for bears was legal in Colorado, we never heard of any “bear problems” because the people that paid the state for their hunting licenses kept the bear population in check. This is the correct way to control any wildlife population.
Now, without spring and baited bear hunts, instead of the state receiving money for licenses, they are paying money for trapping bears, for government hunters to kill bears, to relocate bears, for bear deterrents.

This is not the smart way to run a government in any state. It is always better to take in money and accomplish the same end as it is to pay out money and not reach the goal intended, that goal being to control the population of bears.
So don’t wait, don’t say “I will do it tomorrow.” Call, write, or email all of your local, state and U.S. representatives and urge them to bring back the spring and baited bear hunts as they used to have here in Colorado, before we had “bear problems.”

Allen Hischke



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