Denver D-Day veterans recall their date with history 70 years later


On a gray, blustery morning 70 years ago, Gerald "Dee" Webb sat behind the wheel of his idling 2½-ton truck, steeling himself for the longest drive of his life.

The distance was mere yards, about as far as a baseball can be tossed.

But Webb's destination was Omaha Beach on D-Day, where German defenders had just decimated the first wave of American troops landing in France — the launch of the Normandy invasion during World War II to liberate Europe.

Perched on the heaving deck of a landing craft in the English Channel, Webb saw corpses in the water and heard the boom of artillery and shrieks of the wounded and dying.

World War II veteran Jack Wayman, 92.

World War II veteran Jack Wayman, 92, shows some of his military decorations at his home in Boulder on Wednesday. The medals are, from left, the Purple Heart, French Legion of Honor, another Purple Heart and the Air Medal. Wayman landed in Normandy and fought 313 days across Europe. "I was just a young kid," he said. (Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post)

"There was nothing for me to do but go, and I wound up to my neck in water, and suddenly I was underwater because I had hit a bomb crater," Webb recalled at his home in Ovid, a town of 330 people tucked in Colorado's far northeastern corner.



Allen Hischke 2 years, 3 months ago

Thats it Craig Daily Press. Wait till someone sends you a Letter To The Editor because you printed NOTHING in the paper about the 70th anniversary of D Day, then put this in the on line edition. You people are dispicable, and do not deserve the freedoms gained by our military heroes, past and present, alive and dead.

Below is the letter I sent to this paper.

First Memorial Day passed with little or no recognition of our heroic veterans and active military people.
Now we are at the 70th anniversary of D-Day, and again the Craig Daily Press has chosen to print nothing in the paper about one of the most daring and deadly operations of World War 2. I guess I wonder where the Craig daily Press thinks it gets its freedom to print their paper.
Since the rest of us know that right is provided by our military personal past, present and future. Why doesn't the Craig Daily Press think it is not appropriate to thank them for their service by printing a few articles and posting a few pictures about these events?
I just do not understand it at all.
I attempted to put a "Letter To The Editor" in the paper after Memorial Day when the paper once again had little coverage for our veterans. The paper refused to print it. They told me they would "try to do a better job on veterans day". Shameful My opinion is that the paper was just too embarrassed to print the truth. And in my opinion that truth is that the Craig Daily Press just flat does not care about our heroes past and present that defend our freedoms with their very lives. Time will tell if they have the guts to print this one.

Allen Hischke


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