Conference to bring small-business owners to Craig


— Small-business owners will have a chance to learn how to start up or expand their business at a Craig conference on June 12 and 13.

The Craig Chamber of Commerce and Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership worked together to bring the Rural Entrepreneurship Marketplace to the area. The conference is one of the goals that local leaders focused on after Downtown Colorado Inc. assessed Craig’s business community.

There will be several workshops and speakers to educate entrepreneurs and ignite discussion.

“The Entrepreneurship Marketplace is designed for businesses — small and mid-sized — and nonprofit agencies that have limited resources to provide their goods and services to the community,” said Audrey Danner, interim director of CMEDP.

Speakers will address topics including agriculture, agrotourism, community development, real estate, fundraising and ways to grow business in a rural area.

Jon Schallert, a small-business expert, will be the keynote speaker and will share two presentations.

He is “a national speaker that can easily assess small businesses,” Danner said.

Jesse Silverstein, of Development Research Partners, will help with a tour of vacant businesses in Craig, highlighting how each space could be used.

Shannon Moore, membership director of the Craig Chamber of Commerce, said the conference will have an added benefit.

“It also is a great way to bring people into the community,” she said.

Between 100 and 150 people will attend the event, Danner said. That means more business for Craig during the conference, Moore said.

Registration is still open and costs $45 or $25 for students.

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cmawest 2 years, 10 months ago

you have to give these folks credit for trying, although it may not work, at least it gives them something to do.

I left craig the first time in 1965 to join the military, the town stopped about a mile north of ralph gabors place, out west to just beyond signal hill, east out at b&b, and south - well about where it is today. in other words it hasn't changed much in 49 years.

we have seen every kind of energy related boom and bust come and go, just about every type business come and go, (over and over) and what do we have ? craig ! same place, about the same amount of people, scratching out a living while business comes and goes.

there had always been about as many jobs as there were folks to fill them, so everyone got by, no one got much richer living here, but we were all really happy.

maybe someday the town will take off, maybe rex walker will drill holes all over his property and put everyone to work for big money, maybe craig will flourish with many new businesses, maybe there will be enough folks with good paying jobs to keep all these small businesses going. maybe wal mart will go away and allow small businesses to flourish.

maybe not


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