Mike Albee: Oil companies: Fix road


To the editor:

I live on Moffat County Road 30 (Round Bottom Road). The county road department applied magnesium chloride to the road sometime in late June or early July. Since that time, a new oil or gas well was drilled somewhere up the road. The constant flow of heavy trucks pretty much has eliminated the effectiveness of the dust control. Dust is beginning to return as the trucks drive up and down. With the obscene profits and massive federal subsidies that the oil and gas companies enjoy, I think it is only fair that they contribute just a little bit to the maintenance of our public roads that they depend on for their operations.

Mike Albee

Moffat County


John Lathrop 2 years, 8 months ago

Mr Albee, You should stop and think about the energy severance taxes and other taxes SWN Energy pays when drilling wells and producing wells here in Moffat County. Those taxes go to help pay for the road maintenance you say is only fair they pay for. Why should they have to pay more than anyone else using the roads that pays taxes just because they are an energy company that is not fair. Companies like SWN Energy would bring the much needed jobs, also the much needed tax revenues the community needs right now. I would like you to do some research about SWN Energy the company drilling the well somewhere up the road. And you can see how much they do give back to communities they do business in. So before asking a company to pay more than their fair share stop and think about the jobs and tax revenues they will bring to Moffat County for the long term and the benefits it will have for are community if we will stand behind them to product energy here in Moffat County.


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