Moffat County School District wraps up investigation into football team hazing incident


The Moffat County School District concluded its investigation into an alleged Moffat County High School football team hazing incident that occurred in Evanston, Wyoming, during the team’s annual football camp.

“The administration has followed school board policies and procedures, keeping the safety of our students top priority,” Superintendent Brent Curtice said in a statement. “The school district will not comment on the specifics of the investigation or any discipline imposed as a result of this investigation due to the privacy rights of students and staff.”

The administration will be able to release more information about what this means for the school in upcoming days, but most of its investigation relates to personnel issues, which are protected legally as private.

According to parents of freshman students, upperclassmen targeted the incoming freshmen with alleged physical abuse that allegedly went beyond typical hazing. Michele Dugan, mother of one of the freshman football players, said she intends to press charges for some of the alleged abuse that her son experienced.

The criminal investigation is being conducted by Evanston Police Department.


Tammy Showalter 2 years, 8 months ago

As I am ignorant of the facts, can someone tell me if school board members must excuse themselves from meetings where members of their family are part of the agenda? It seems as a matter of personal integrity they would excuse themselves, but is this legally required or do we in Moffat County sidestep the rules if we don't like them?


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