Adult male 'friending' students on Facebook is not a Craig Police Officer


Craig Police Department sent out a letter to Moffat County School District families to clarify that an adult male sending friend requests to students was not one of their officers.

“It has been brought to our attention through a concerned parent that an adult male with a Facebook page name of ‘Anthony Gianinetti’ has ‘friended’ persons in the community via Facebook,” according to the letter. “In one case, the person believed that they were ‘friending’ Officer Tony Gianinetti with the Craig Police Department, when in fact they were not. We would like to make it clear that Officer Tony Gianinetti and Anthony Gianinetti is not the same person.”

There was no indication that there was criminal behavior related to this, according to the letter.

“This was more of an information role of the police agency,” said Commander Jerry DeLong. We’re “clarifying issues of concern for the community. There was some confusion on whom was ‘friending’ these school-age kids.”

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