Duce Vandivere: Loving small-town feel


To the editor:

Small-town people are wonderful. I’ve lived in Craig for almost two years, and everyone I’ve met has made me feel very welcome. When I first moved here, I had trouble finding some places so I would ask for directions. I normally like to ask a senior citizen — I just assume that they have lived here for a while and pretty much know how to get anywhere. I was in Craig for about three weeks and was having trouble locating a place when I stopped an elderly lady walking downtown to ask if she could help me. These are the directions she gave me: “Just keep walking down this street until you get to where the old hardware store used to be. Then turn left and go down two streets and you’ll see where the Fosters lived. It’s a shame what happened to that youngest ’un,” she added. I nodded my head sympathetically, not having a clue what happened to the “youngest ’un.” She continued by telling me to take a right there and about four blocks down it will be on my right. “Ya can’t miss it. If you make it to the river you’ve gone too far.” She then walked away feeling good that she helped someone while I stood there twice as confused as before.

Small-town people also have a way of speaking that’s all their own. It’s not uncommon to make out two or three words into one, for instance “mold” — that’s anything you’ve had for awhile, or ovair which could be anyplace as long as it’s somewhere else, or my favorite “yesterdenin” means anything that occurred last night. I’ve personally heard this spoken more than once since I’ve been in Craig. “We got so much rain yesterdenin, I don’t know if mold truck’ll make it ovair to get cha.” Either in spite of these differences or because of them — small town people are the best. I like Craig, and I may stay for a while. So if you see me flailing around the river, it means I’ve gone too far.

Duce Vandivere



Sam Relaford 3 years, 2 months ago

I've lived in Craig for 34 years and have never heard anyone talk like that. Except the part where they say go down the street to where that old truck was parked and turn there ...


David Moore 3 years, 2 months ago

I have lived here 45 years and that is all I have ever heard as far as directions. Used to drive the ambulance back in the early 90's and the directions were sketchy at the least, thankfully I knew my way around. It was particularly difficult when out in the county on an emergency run and not getting good directions..."go 3 miles west to the "XXX" ranch, then turn up "XXX" ranch road, go 2 miles til you come to a white building then left and its just past "XXX"'s farm". Despite living here as long as I have, I don't know everyone and especially who lives where on what ranch or that farm. I thought it was a good letter, positive, unlike the other one in the discussion board from that old curmudgeon himself, "ranger" something and before that "als362" or something like that, aka Allen Hischke. Some people are just never happy, Duce brought a small bit of happiness with his story.


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