Allen Hischke: Attention fishermen


To the editor:

There is a plan underway to drain Elkhead Reservoir, poison it and kill every fish in the lake. This plan is coming from the people that have been killing the fish in the Yampa River for years. We as fishermen need to do our best to stop this ridiculous waste of our natural resources, and our recreation.

We need to contact all of our elected officials. Our U.S. senators, U.S. representative, our state senator, state representative, county commissioners, city council the mayor, and the state parks department.

If you have any expectations of being able to go fishing without having to drive hundreds of miles each time you want to go, you need to contact all these people and tell them what a waste this action will be.

Allen Hischke



Benjie Robinson 2 years ago

Hey Allen, where have you heard about this plan?


Allen Hischke 2 years ago

I was told about it by a friend of mine, via email.


Allen Hischke 2 years ago

Because they are making money killing the fish in this area. Because they keep coming up with more ridiculous expensive tax dollar wasting things to do they keep the unneeded jobs they have. When this Squawfish program started about 1990, it was supposed to be limited to a ten year program. Now they call the program "ongoing. They have never told anyone how many Squawfish there are in the Yampa River. These people are just government cheats and liars. They need to be told to leave Moffat County and never return.


David Moore 2 years ago

August 26 Moffat county commissioners meeting recap: Elkhead fish could be poisoned. It's right on the front page.


David Moore 2 years ago

From the article on the front page of this site....

Burt Clements discussed how the Colorado River District and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife are looking at poisoning the fish at Elkhead and draining the reservoir in order to protect four endangered fish, including the bonytail, humpback chub, razorback sucker and Colorado pikeminnow.

“We got a concern over at Elkhead Reservoir,” Clements told the commissioners. “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife, now they’re wanting to drain the Elkhead Reservoir and poison it. They can’t explain why their native species are disappearing.”

Clements wants to see the involved agencies put up a screen to keep the bass and pike from getting into the Yampa River from the spillway. Clements said the river district will hold a meeting around Sept. 5, and that the public and the press are not invited.

“They’re trying to have meetings without the newspaper, radio and television,” he said.

Many in the audience thought the meeting should be public.

“I would think if there’s any public money involved the public has the right to be there,” Lois Wymore said.


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