Legislative update for April 18


Proposed Senate bills

SB 14-002: Safe2Tell act

Description: Moves the Safe2Tell program, which provides K-12 students an anonymous hotline to report school safety problems, from the nonprofit sector to the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

Committee: Judiciary

Status: Introduced in House and assigned to committee.

SB 14-003: Child care assistance

Description: Will increase Colorado’s investment in the Colorado Child Care Assistance, which helps bring affordable child care to the state to bring it back to prerecession levels.

Committee: Health and Human Services

Status: Introduced in Senate and assigned to committee.

SB 14-004: Community college four-year programs

Description: The bill allows the state board for community colleges and occupational education to seek approval from the Colorado Commission on Higher Education for technical, career and workforce development bachelor of applied science degree programs that may be offered at community colleges within the state system.

Committee: Senate Education Committee

Status: Governor signed into law.

SB 14-005: Wage protection

Description: Creates an easier process for employees to recover their wages from employers withholding pay.

Committee: Senate

Status: Passed in Senate.

SB 14-014: Property tax rebates and heating grants

Description: Expands the pool of people who can access real tax property expense assistance grants. More people can get government assistance to pay their heating bills.

Committee: Senate

Status: Unamended version laid over daily after Senate second reading special order.

SB 14-018: Prohibit nicotine product distribution to minors

Description: The bill expands the prohibition of sales of tobacco products persons younger than 18 to include all nicotine products. The bill also makes conforming amendments concerning the Liquor Enforcement Division's enforcement of the law.

Committee: Senate

Status: Signed into law by the governor.

SB 14-024/SB 14-031: Firefighter pension plans

Description: Both bills try to make sure pension plans are solid for volunteer and existing firefighters who are affiliated with the Fire and Police Pension Association.

Committee: Senate

Status: Signed into law by the governor.

SB 14-046: Local firefighter safety grant program

Description: Repurposes existing funds to be directed toward a firefighter safety and disease prevention fund.

Committee: Finance

Status: House committee on Local Government referred unamended version to Finance.

SB 14-­047: Wildland firefighters death benefit payments

Description: Directs the division of fire prevention and control to make lump-­sum payments of $10,000 to the survivors of a seasonal wildland firefighter employed by the state or local government killed in the line of duty.

Committee: Local Government

Status: Governor signed into law.

Senate Bill 14-050: Financial assistance in Colorado

Description: The bill requires that information about financial aid must be released to patients. The limit for amounts charged to uninsured qualified patients will be changed for those below 400 percent of the poverty line to the Medicare reimbursement rate plus 20 percent.

Committee: Health, Insurance and Environment

Status: Introduced in the House and assigned to committee.

SB 14-088: Suicide prevention

Description: Creates a suicide prevention commission to provide leadership and recommendations regarding suicide prevention in the state.

Committee: Health, Insurance and Environment

Status Introduced in the House and assigned to committee.

SB 14-098: Preventing elder abuse

Description: Strengthens the law that requires certain people to contact authorities if they suspect abuse of persons 70 or older.

Committee: Senate

Status: Governor signed into law.

SB 14-144: Family medicine residency programs in rural areas

Description: Extends the support of the commission on family medicine to rural areas.

Committee: Public Health Care and Human Services

Status: Introduced in the House and assigned to committee.

Proposed House bills

HB 14-1007: Prohibit agricultural burning fire danger and restrict fireworks

Description: Gives county governments the authority to limit certain forms of fire, to prohibit ag burnings during periods of high danger and to prohibit fireworks during the summer

Committee: Senate

Status: Laid over on Senate third reading until May 8.

HB 14-1072: Income tax credit for child care expenses

Description: A tax credit for child care expenses.

Committee: Appropriations

Status: Amended version referred to Appropriations.

HB 14-1101: Community Solar Garden Bus Per Prop Tax Exemption

Description: Provides tax exemptions to solar gardens build for residential/community use.

Committee: Finance

Status: Introduced in the Senate and assigned to committee.

HB 14-1166: Renewal of Concealed Handgun Permits

Description: Makes the renewal process for conceal handgun permits easier.

Committee: State, Veterans, and Military Affairs

Status: Governor signed into law.

HB 14-1291: Permit Charter Schools Hire Armed School Security

Description: Extends the authority to hire a school security officer who may carry a concealed weapon to charter schools.

Committee: Education

Status: Passed in the Senate.

HB 14-1303: Legislature Take Public Testimony Remote Locations

Description: Enables the executive committee of the legislature to consider, recommend and establish policies regarding legislative committees taking public testimony from remote locations across the state.

Committee: State, Veterans and Military Affairs

Status: Introduced in Senate and assigned to committee.


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