Neil McCandless: Dr. Kinder will be missed


I am sorry to see another of our hometown doctors leave town. Goodbye Dr. Kinder. We will certainly miss you! Instead, I would like to see the Quorum Management group leave town. I wish our hospital board had the courage to dismiss them!

Neil McCandless



Mark Jacobson 3 years ago

Quorum is a cancer and a blight on this town. The board's refusal to terminate or allow that contract to expire is a reflection on short sighted fears. Quorum's trademark is a spiraling A/R, mismanaged resources, absolute lack of leadership training, and bringing in disconnected executives who have no bearing on reality.

Every Quorum exec I've been around existed in a self created universe.

We'd be far better off without them.


Tom Soos 3 years ago

The only hope for the Memorial Hospital is to sever all its ties with Quorum Health Resources . I must agree with Mark Jacobson, Quorum Health Resources has done an outstanding job of providing us with” disconnected executives who have no bearing on reality.” The last one being an exceptional example. Other small rural hospitals have been successful in recruiting quality executives. Local control is key. Executives need to focus on what's best for the hospital and the community they serve as opposed to the management company which pays their salary. I still don’t understand how a Quorum Health Resources executive was able to force a physician, voted best physician of the year, out of our community. The inability to retain physicians within our community contributes to the loss of market share. How long before the rest of our current providers are faced with the same situation and we lose them as well. No one wants to establish a relationship with a physician or other healthcare provider, only to have that relationship severed because the healthcare provider is unwilling to stay due to issues with management. Yampa Valley Medical Center is more than happy to accommodate the patients who no longer wish to deal with the Memorial Hospital. They continue to seize any opportunity to expand – most recent example is their operation management of the Little Snake River Valley Clinic in Baggs Wyoming. Now is the time to take a stand , after all this is our hospital supported forever by our tax dollar. Tom Soos Candidate for Moffat County Commissioner.


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