Craig resident given 150-day jail sentence for embezzling money from Tri-State



Craig Reuer

— Craig Reuer, of Craig, during a sentencing hearing Wednesday was given a 150-day jail sentence with work-release and nine years of probation for embezzling money from Tri-State Equipment.

Reuer was arrested in November 2012 on charges of embezzling money, identity theft and forgery.

He was facing a possibility of 18 months in Moffat County Jail and pleaded for no jail time.

In the hearing, 14th Judicial District Judge Shelley Hill said that this was the saddest embezzlement case she ever had witnessed.

“You not only stole money, you stole somebody’s trust,” she said. “This was purposeful behavior.”

Reuer had worked with Tri-State for about 18 years.

He was close with Suzanne Walsh, whose husband owns Tri-State Equipment. Reuer embezzling money was a personal betrayal, she said.

“I’d like to see a jail sentence because I’m from where you pay for what you do,” she said.

Reuer’s employers and family members addressed the judge, as well. Dakota Curtis, Reuer’s daughter, said that him having a jail sentence would cripple the large family he supports.

His sentence began immediately, so the sheriff was called to bring him into Moffat County Jail. He is required to pay Tri-State back $85,000 in monthly $500 increments.

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Joanna Hatten 3 years, 7 months ago

Mr. Reuer....this sentence is a know, as well as the court documents show, you embezzled far more then you were punished for. For the damage you did to your past employer you deserve to rot. You were living a life you could not afford and others paid the price. The only consolation to this is that I am positive your current employers will soon see the wonders of your magic accounting capabilities.


Joanna Hatten 3 years, 7 months ago

One more thing...I hope anyone who buys a vehicle knows that he is the finance/salesman at the local dodge him access to anyone who finances a vehicles personal info like birthdays...drivers license numbers..account numbers social security numbers....ect. Fabulous idea!!!


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