Editorial: Parents' involvement is lacking at school district

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On Wednesday, the Craig Daily Press published an article about the recent Parent Advisory Committee meeting that took place Monday night at Moffat County High School.

The story specifically was about how only three parents attended the meeting despite the fact that the high school has 506 students. We find that low amount of parent participation concerning.

“When it comes to a bigger schoolwide meetings, they’re less and less interested,” said Joe Petrone, Moffat County School District superintendent.

It’s not our goal to persecute parents. We know that many Moffat County School District parents work hard to support their kids in other ways through sports and extracurricular activities at their schools.

Instead, we want to ask the question: What is the purpose of the PAC?

“We’re doing it because it makes a difference in the live of children if their parents are involved,” Petrone said. “Parent involvement is an issue we deal with at various levels.”

It’s not just the high school that has experienced low attendance at these meetings. The middle school and some of the elementary schools also have seen a minuscule amount of participation from parents.

In years past, Parent Teacher Association meetings were the popular meetings nationwide. We’re wondering if Moffat County schools should revamp and/or reorganize their parent-teacher committees. Does it need to be renamed?

Additionally, we understand that the school district conducts phone blasts and sends parents emails notifying them of the PAC — it’s SAC (Student Advisory Committee) at the elementary level — meetings and times. Also, the meetings are at the same time each month.

So we’re curious if these meetings even are engaging enough for parents to attend. Are they just fundraising efforts by the schools? If they are, then perhaps the school district needs to rethink its approach.

Yet, the school district has very clear objectives outlined in its goal to get more parent involvement.

“The board of education believes that the education of each student is a responsibility shared by the school as well as parents,” states a policy by the district called “Parent Involvement.”

We’d like to see parents make time in their schedule to interact with school administrators and teachers.

That said, it’s important to outline three extremely important groups that are committed to Moffat County kids: Friends of Moffat County, Maximum Commitment to Excellence and the Booster Club.

We congratulate those who work hard to keep those groups thriving.


Patrick Germond 6 months, 1 week ago

Well I like to explain something to the school district and particularly the Board of Education. School board meetings are closed to comments from the parents and the public. My point, you've stopped listening to the people, and they've stopped listening to you right back. Some feel they are being shoved off to these other groups. Change that, at the top, and things may change. Then people might start taking an interest in these other organizations, because they will know their involvement matters all the way up the ladder. That they're not just being used as props. They need to feel fully vested in the possess. Finally, yes these groups are great. I support them fully. And I know employees are trying reach out to the public, but the disasterous over all performance of our district has pretty much killed any credibility district employees in leadership could have at this point. Which is too bad. I'm running for District 4 School Board seat and my name is Patrick Wayne Germond. If I'm elected, I'll open every school board meeting up to public input. I'll let you the public, have immediate voice and impact on the management of YOUR school district. I'll put you back in control.


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