Phil Hawks: Resolution is no good


To the editor:

Shadow Mountain residents: I have asked the county attorney for a copy of the resolution that the county commissioners are presenting to us to vote on in November and have it in hand.

If words say anything at all, beware of what the commissioners are trying to put over on us with their legal double talk. If this is put into law, as they have put it, any rights you think or feel you have on your personal property, kiss them goodbye. I am going to the county attorney to have her explain this resolution to me to make sure that what I am reading and understanding in the resolution is correct. If my understanding is correct, kiss your rights and money goodbye for at least 20 years, maybe more. The way it is written there is no end in sight for the resolution, for there will be no way to get it off the books.

Phil Hawks

Shadow Mountain resident


Ray Cartwright 3 years, 10 months ago

I too have a copy of Resolution 2013-65 and Resolution 2013-66. 2013-65 is the resolution creating the Local Improvement District and 2013-66 is the Resolution submitting the question to the residents on the November 5th ballot. In answer to Mr. Hawks statement about the way it is written there is no end in sight for Resolution 2013-65, it specifically states in the resolution that the total cost of the improvements, exclusive of incidentals, shall not exceed the estimated budget amount of $1,265,046.00. I would encourage anyone with questions to call me and I will provide them with a copy of those Resolutions.


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