Cory Overton: County loses my vote


The Moffat County commissioners are so out of this world if they think they are going to save money by opening their own medical clinic and that it won’t cost taxpayers a dime. Well, where is the funding coming from?

What about helping with funding at the schools, trying to figure out a way to put more into the hospital that we just had to have or sticking money into some programs for local youths? These are all better options than a private clinic, and I’m sure the public would be more likely to support these options rather than the one the commissioners came up with.

They will not get a vote from me again, and I hope it is all short terms for the two new ones. I will be there waving them goodbye.

Cory Overton



William Ronis 3 years, 10 months ago

The County Commissioners said it won't cost the tax payer any more money. The thing is that the $214K comes from taxpayer money. The tax payer can't even use this clinic. It's not like it is a road or something. My question is where does the expertise of these two county commissioners (One is MIA last I heard) come from about health care? How does a bar owner make big decisions about health care. I don't need to hear speculation or opinions about The Affordable Health Care Act from someone who has no idea what he is talking about. We all know from past comments that Mathers does not support the Commander and Chief. Mathers says, "I just know that this is the new way that people are going to get health care." He just knows. Well, I was just informed by the county that my home value dropped $7K. I can't sell my house to make any profit. I sure wish Mathers knew how he is going to turn around the economy of this county. How about spending $214K on an expert to come in and solve that one. Maybe drop selling out to oil companies that can't produce a drop of oil and look towards tourism. A sustainable source of money.


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