Craig City Council says 'no' to recreational marijuana


Craig City Council decided to opt out of allowing recreational marijuana in city limits, highlighting that the voters made their decision about the issue last November with 54 percent of Craig against and 46 percent in favor.

At the last couple of meetings, city staff has highlighted to council that it needs to decide if they want to continue a moratorium on Amendment 64 or let the voters once again put in their two cents.

Yet, on Tuesday night, council pointed out that it would cost the city roughly $10,000 to put it on the ballot again, which potentially could be a waste of money since the community already voted it down.

Specifically, the majority of the council stated that it didn’t want to invest the money in something that has already been decided by its constituents.

“Eight months ago, the city of Craig voted it down,” said City Councilman Don Jones.

All of the City Council members, with the exception of Jarrod Ogden, thought that recreational marijuana should not be allowed in Craig.

Ogden felt that it should be put to the voters again; however, he didn’t push the issue when the rest of council explained their stances.

Ray Beck thought that it was not beneficial to the city for a number of reasons.

“We’re talking about recreational marijuana here, we’re not talking about medical marijuana,” Beck said. “It sends a bad message to our kids.”

Colorado voters approved Amendment 64 last November. In January, recreational pot shops will be legally allowed to open under state law.

However, it will still remain illegal under federal law, making it a sticky situation for cities and counties across the state that decide to allow recreational businesses to open — a point of discussion that Councilman Joe Bird brought up.

“I personally have got a problem with it. The state laws go against federal laws,” Bird said.

According to supporting documents presented at the council meeting, 51 percent of Moffat County voters voted against Amendment 64.

But ultimately, the amendment passed statewide.

City staff pointed out that council had until Oct. 1 to decide on if it wanted to create an ordinance to opt out of recreational marijuana in Craig.

Council will continue discussing the topic in upcoming meetings, where it will allow public comment. At this time, city staff will prepare proper documents to reflect the council’s wishes.

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lonelyone 3 years, 9 months ago

The whole pot thing is very confusing to me. I am not a user, so in the end it really doesn't matter to me one way or the other. It's illegal under Federal Law, but the State of Colorado says it's ok to use it. The State of Colorado says it's ok to use it, but Craig Colorado says No! Don't you kind of think that sends a mixed message to our kids too? I know I am rather confused over it! Also, will this turn out to be like the gun control issue, where CPD and the Sheriff's office might decide they won't go out of their way to enforce this law because their time and recourses are better spent elsewhere?


Jason Phillips 3 years, 9 months ago

Craig ought to just go be a part of Utah or Wyoming. The local government doesn't seem to have any use for the state government (guns, marijuana, clean energy), so let them go be a part of another state that suits the community better.


haveathought 3 years, 9 months ago

... And once again the tax dollars go to Steamboat.


greenrooster 3 years, 9 months ago

Hey where was the medical marijuana dispensary owner??? someone needs to start collecting signatures and get this on the November Ballot!!!! Come on Craig lets rally to keep our tax money here and not keep feeding steamboat. Lets also get past this bad influence on the kids... who do really support the Mafia or a legitimate clear and unambiguous LOCAL business. come on folks lets support our home town heros and tell the organized crime leaders who pay no taxes to go find another state to work.


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