Editorial: Resolution to potentially extend term limits is a good move


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Our view

Decision to present the term limit extension for each county elected official position as its own ballot question in November is a smart move.

On Tuesday, Moffat County commissioners approved a resolution that will allow residents to vote on whether or not they want term limits for county elected officials to be extended from two terms to three.

We think this was a good move from the commissioners and the 10-person committee that brought it to light after they diligently met and discussed how it should be handled.

Specifically, the committee decided that each position would be presented as its own ballot question in November rather than lumping all elected positions into one measure. The committee was concerned that if it grouped the term limit extensions for all positions into one question, it would fail.

We agree with the committee and think that allowing the residents to vote on each position is a smart move. Extending term limits for the county commissioners also will appear on the ballot, and the committee was fearful that if voters didn’t want the commissioners’ terms extended, then the entire measure might fail.

That kind of forethought is one of the reasons that we like the resolution.

We also like the resolution because we think that it’s a great idea to allow elected officials who do a good job and are skilled in particular areas — such as the county coroner — to run for office again.

This is not the first time Moffat County voters have had to consider such a move. In 1996, all offices were included on one ballot measure, and in 2002, there was a measure for each office. Both failed.

We look forward to seeing what the voters decide in November.


John Kinkaid 3 years, 9 months ago

Please vote this November. And be thinking about the 2014 election as well.


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