Jacobson resigns as CDP publisher, accepts ad director job in Greeley



Bryce Jacobson, publisher of the Craig Daily Press

Bryce Jacobson announced today his resignation as the publisher and editor of the Craig Daily Press.

He is leaving to accept a position as the advertising director of the Greeley Tribune, a Swift Communications newspaper.

Jacobson, 35, has served as the publisher of the Daily Press since January 2006, and as editor for the last several months. His last day is Feb. 6.

“Under Bryce's direction we have served our readers and advertisers well,” said Suzanne Schlicht, chief operating officer of WorldWest Limited Liability Company, which owns the Craig Daily Press. “He has been instrumental in developing a team of talented and committed employees who will carry on the excellence that has been Bryce's trademark. Craig Daily Press has won more news and advertising awards under Bryce's direction than ever in its past, and this is one of Bryce's many accomplishments that will be remembered and respected in the future.”

Jacobson, originally from Sterling, previously worked in circulation with news organizations in Colorado and Nebraska.

Jacobson said the opportunity to focus on the advertising side of the business as well as Greeley’s close proximity to his childhood home played significant roles in his decision.

“I enjoy the entire business, but I’m excited to focus on one department and my kids are at an age where it’s going to be good for them too,” Jacobson said. “This town has been great to my kids and me, and I’m going to miss it like crazy. But I’m also excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for us because my family is in Greeley.

“It’s going to be hard to drive out of this town. I have some good, good friends here.”

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sc428 4 years, 2 months ago

Goodbye Bryce . We at TMH wish you good luck with your future endevors.


alcashion 4 years, 2 months ago

Never has The Daily Press had a publisher so dedicated and involved in the community. Serving on multiple boards, deeply involved in the schools, knowledgable to the extreme, a genuine interest in Craig's betterment and courageous enough to print a column he completely disagreed with. He published my column on TMH although we had a significant disagreement on what was happening there. Bryce is a courageous man, an honorable man and a humble man. Those who accuse him of arrogance mistake earnest and determined effort for the best for self promotion. Because he is straightforward man and committed to the best principles of jounalism, he has brought considerable grief on himself. Few will know of the punishment he endured when the paper angered some. His children have been harassed, even physically. He has recieved death threats, had his property damaged and endured more lies than about anyone I can bring to mind. Those in positions of authority that feel the weight of the citizens ire should count their blessings. What they endure on occassion, Bryce endures daily. I deeply regret only coming to know him in these last few years. Although I am old enough to be his father, I consider Bryce a mentor in many ways. I will always count him as a friend and I will miss him terribly.
Perfect? No. Committed to publishing a quality paper and giving blood, sweat and tears to the improvement of his community?..........

anyone I can even recall in my 59 years.


Jason Phillips 4 years, 2 months ago

Too bad we can't keep the Publisher and get rid of the Commissioners instead. Good luck, Bryce.


Taxpayer 4 years, 2 months ago

Please add to that list a couple of City Council members and irresponsible chamber person or two. Bryce provided the spark to help people think about new ways to improve our community in Moffat County. What a shame some people never appreciated the high level of expectations and success Bryce envisioned for the County. What a loss to our community.


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