William Ronis: Know your trail etiquette


To the editor:

Cross Country Skiing around the Yampa Valley Golf Course is something many of us have enjoy for years; when we have snow.

On Saturday morning December 29, a couple had their unleashed large dogs on the track. The dogs were very threatening.

Other dogs I have come across out there have been very well mannered.

There is actually trail etiquette you can read about. Like, not letting your dog poop on the trail. I love skiing over the dog poop.

Here's your website:


The snow shoe people like to walk in the track made by by the cross-county- skier. There is also track etiquette about that. It is very dangerous for the skier after the snowshoer goes over the track laid down by the skier. Make your own track. Here's your website:


William Ronis


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