News for Wednesday, January 2, 2013



On the Record for Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013

On the Record for Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013

Linda Riley: Craig's motto

This seems to be Craig's motto: I didn't get my way today, I think you should all go away! I went to get gas and look at the cost! I want them to get a new boss! I went to the store to buy a banana. What?! They're green! New manager!

John Williams: The truth about the tea party

A recent satirical cartoon in the Daily Press about the tea party has prompted this letter. As a tea party member and supporter here are a few observations. Contrary to what the liberal lap dog media would have you believe this is the bulk of what the tea party stands for, fiscal responsibility by our government, constitutionally limited government (set up by our founders to keep the federal government from becoming the mess it is today) and a free market economic system. Is the free market system perfect? No, but it provides the greatest number of people the greatest number of opportunities to succeed; unlike the mediocrity of socialism. Tea party members believe in personal responsibility where you take care of yourself and your family so future generations don’t have to pay for it later, they start each meeting with the pledge of allegiance and a prayer, they are not racist and they are not violent. Pretty radical stuff huh?

Terrie Barrie: My apologies

To the builders of the bonfire on Saturday night - my apologies if I shortened your celebration. It was never my intent to spoil anyone's fun. If you had seen the display from my back porch, you would have seen huge flames leaping from what I thought was my elderly neighbors' home or very close to their back property.

Bo and Myranda Lyons: Thank You TMH and Dr. Ellis

When we found out we were expecting a baby, we were THRILLED! Then we had some very crucial decisions to make: Who do we see for OB care? What hospital do we deliver at? We chose Dr. Ellis as our OB because he is very educated, has an amazing bedside manner and is extremely good at what he does. He made our experience the best it could be! I have to admit, we had our reservations about delivering at The Memorial Hospital. All you ever hear about is the bad experiences people have.

Susan Erikson: TMH full of dedicated hardworkers

I am a long time employee of TMH. I was hired back in 1973 at the tender age of 17, and I’m still here. I have worked at the nurse’s station, ER, EMT, surgery, billing and I now work in medical records. I have worked in the trenches and also in management. I have seen a lot of people come and go over the years, some with relief and some with great sadness. I find it very disturbing when an employee (Jennifer Riley) is attacked in your paper. Part of her job is to be a problem solver.

Margaret Perez and Susan Chenoweth: TMH administration misunderstood

We are writing in response to some of the recent editorials regarding TMH. Margaret and I are TMH Concierge. Most of you will know us from the front desk. Our direct supervisor is Jennifer Riley and we can tell you first hand that the things being said are untrue. Jennifer is a reasonable, fair and caring person. We believe her demeanor is misunderstood.

Audrey Danner: We need to follow TMH protocol

Recently I have received letters regarding The Memorial Hospital (TMH) and read several letters to the editor of the Craig Daily Press regarding TMH physicians, staff and administration. I heard the concern and angst of patients who have been cared for in our hospital. Many of the complaints were about their health care providers or hospital administration. I have also heard stories of very good care and patient satisfaction. We all must take pride in our hospital to maintain our local health care system. Thank you for those who took the time to report specific situations so the staff can make the necessary changes. I am concerned that rumors and misinformation are fueling some stories.