M2: Craig's Zoe Sowers is driving down the right path

CNCC student Zoe Sowers on her way to psychology career



“She’s an awfully thoughtful, kind and considerate person. She’s always greeting people with a smile, and the students really gravitate toward her.”

Gene Bilodeau, vice president of Colorado Northwestern Community College’s Craig campus, about student Zoe Sowers

— There are some for whom life can seem like a never-ending stream of possibilities.

But an endless supply of options can be as much a curse as it is a blessing. Every year, countless young people around the world set out on journeys of experimentation until they finally find their niche.

Colorado Northwestern Community College student Zoe Sowers, 20, knows she’s one of the fortunate ones who discovered her passion at a young age.

Next fall, Sowers will end her two-year career at CNCC to transfer to the University of Colorado-Boulder to pursue a bachelor’s degree, and later a Ph.D. in psychology.

She plans to make Boulder her long-term home and dreams of opening a private practice focused on criminal psychology.

“Honestly, I decided to become a criminal psychologist after watching ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre,'” Sowers said. “I’m really interested in learning why criminals do the things that they do with no remorse, what it is about their brains that makes them do those things.”

Those who know Sowers best are confident in her future success. They use words like “driven,” “dedicated,” “independent” and “genuine” to describe her.

Gene Bilodeau, vice president of the CNCC Craig campus, said Sowers has projected those leadership qualities ever since she first moved to Craig from Winston-Salem, N.C., when her father, Chris, accepted a position as a science instructor.

“She’s great; she’s the bomb,” Bilodeau said. “From the time that family arrived in Craig they got actively involved.”

During the course of two short years, Sowers immersed herself in nearly everything CNCC had to offer. She currently serves as president of student government and the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, and she also sits on the college’s quality assurance and safety committees.

Though Bilodeau said he is excited about Sowers’ bright future, he knows her departure is going to leave a void at the college.

“She’s an awfully thoughtful, kind and considerate person,” Bilodeau said. “She’s always greeting people with a smile and the students really gravitate toward her.

“She truly is a student leader and I’m glad to see she’s going on to CU.”

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