News for Tuesday, February 5, 2013



Volunteer firefighter accused of starting wildfire

A 19-year-old Elbert County volunteer firefighter has been arrested on allegations that he started a wildfire that evacuated the town of Elbert last June. Sheriff's officials say Elbert Fire Protection District volunteer Alex J. Averette was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of charges including second-degree arson, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and second-degree criminal trespass. Bond was set at $50,000.

FBI: Ala. man was in 'firefight' with SWAT agents

The Alabama man who held a 5-year-old boy captive for nearly a week engaged in a firefight with SWAT agents storming his underground bunker before he was killed during the rescue operation, the FBI said Tuesday night. Also, bomb technicians scouring his rural property found two explosive devices, one in the bunker, one in a plastic pipe that negotiators used to communicate with the man. Officers killed 65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes Monday, said an official in Midland City, speaking on condition of anonymity. The bunker raid came six days after Dykes boarded a school bus, fatally shot the driver and abducted the boy, who by all accounts was unharmed. Dykes "reinforced the bunker against any attempted entry by law enforcement," FBI Special Agent Jason Pack said in an email. The devices found were "disrupted," Pack said, though he did not say whether that meant they were detonated or disarmed. Officers will continue Wednesday to sweep the 100-acre property and, when they finish, investigators can more thoroughly investigate, Pack said. For days, officers passed food, medicine, toys and other items into the bunker, which was similar to a tornado shelter and apparently had running water, heat and cable television.

Local leaders lobby governor about sage grouse

Hickenlooper says he supports protection, economic balance

Last week representatives from northwest Colorado traveled to Denver to meet with Gov. John Hickenlooper to discuss the future of the greater sage-grouse. Among those who made the trip were T. Wright Dickinson, of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association; Tom Gray, of the State Land Board; Rick Thompson, senior manager at Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association’s Craig Station; Moffat County Natural Resources Director Jeff Comstock, who represented Club 20; and Moffat County Commissioner Tom Mathers, who represented the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado in addition to Moffat County.

Moffat County Commission takes action at Tuesday’s meeting

During its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, the Moffat County Commission:

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Moffat County freshmen split with Steamboat

Pressure defense was only good enough to get one win for Moffat County Tuesday. The Moffat County C teams took over the court Tuesday afternoon in the MCHS gym. The Bulldogs freshmen split a pair of games with Steamboat Springs, as the girls team won 52-15, followed by a loss for the boys, 44-34. Both teams employed full court defense for much of the game, but it was not as successful in the second game as the first.

Scott cases postponed in county court

Judge Gardner cites sentencing in district court assault case for delay

Sentencing against a Craig resident charged in three separate cases in Moffat County Court was delayed Tuesday until later this month. Derik Scott, 24, of Craig, plead guilty in county court to one count of violating a restraining order and one count of probation revocation, both misdemeanors; and a felony charge of violating a restraining order.

Craig Sports Briefs for Feb. 6, 2012: Week 20 bowling standings

Check out the latest bowling standings from Thunder Rolls Bowling Center and recreational sports opportunities in Craig for children and adults. Also, a Moffat County youth hockey team picked up its first win of the season over the weekend.

Gene Counts: More gun laws won't help

More gun laws are not going to help anyone. It won't save lives, in fact it may even cost lives. One of the reasons shootings happen in theaters and schools is that the shooter feels safe, that there won't be any guns shooting back at them.

On the Record for Feb. 5, 2013

On the Record for Feb. 5, 2013

Colo. Dems want to hold gunmakers liable in attacks

(AP) — Colorado Democrats on Tuesday called for a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines, more background checks for gun purchases and new liability for assault-weapon manufacturers — all reactions to mass shootings that set up battles with Republicans and gun rights groups. "This sickness of violence is spreading through America like a plague, and inaction in the face of this death and destruction is completely unacceptable," said Democratic Senate President John Morse.

Proposal to ban abortion in Colo. fails

(AP) — A Republican proposal to ban abortions in Colorado and make it a crime to perform them failed in a Democrat-controlled committee. One Republican lawmaker joined six Democrats on the committee to defeat the bill Tuesday on a 7-4 vote. Republican Rep. Kathleen Conti called the measure "too extreme."

MCTA Board meeting agenda for Feb. 6, 2013

Moffat County Tourism Association Board meeting.

Lance Scranton: Identity

It’s a formidable task to navigate through the jungle of people, institutions, companies and groups that are vying to help influence our identity. Sports apparel companies seem to spend the most trying to help make sure we are wearing the right athletic clothes. Each one of us finds a certain amount of identity in our style of clothes or the shoes we wear. Businesses rely on identity to influence our decision-making in most aspects of our lives. Just ask most men what make or model of vehicle they drive or women where they buy their clothes or children what kind of cell phone they use.