Editorial: Swiftly find stellar superintendent

Finding a new superintendent for Moffat County School District probably will be the biggest decision the school board will make this fiscal year.

Editorial board:

Tom Cramer (absent), community representative

Jo Ann Baxter, community representative

Noelle Leavitt Riley, newspaper representative

Renee Campbell, newspaper representative

Amy Fontenot, newspaper representative

This week, the Craig Daily Press ran a story about how the school district, the board and representatives from Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates are handling the hiring process for replacing Superintendent Joe Petrone who will leave his position in June.

On Tuesday, the appropriate entities met to discuss the kind of person they’d like to see fill the position, and several important points were made, including that the new superintendent needs to hire quality teachers, focus on funding and have a real interest in the students and community.

Our view is that the new superintendent will need to be all of those things, especially a leader in garnering more funding for the district.

We know how important the search is, and we think that the sooner a new superintendent is hired, the better. It’s detrimental to get someone in place as soon as possible. An interim superintendent could really hurt the district, so we ask that the board and all those involved with the hiring process carefully and rapidly choose the best candidate.

Additionally, it’s vital that the community submits feedback to the school board and the associates helping with the search. Community members can take a survey at www.moffatsd.org until Dec. 31.

Take a moment this holiday season to submit your comments and be part of the superintendent search.

We’d also like to take a moment and commend Joe Petrone for all his hard work and dedication to Craig, the school district and its students. Throughout the years, he has put students first, worked on important legislative reforms, provided leadership statewide and within the community and has exemplified his dedication to Craig through his hard work. Thank you, Joe, for your hard work.

We’d also like to commend the committee for putting in the time and effort to look for a good fit for MCSD. Your work and the decision you make will have a huge impact on Craig, so we wish you well and ask that you pick the best candidate.


Patrick Germond 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Sunset Elementry fired Pam W this week, traumatizing her third grade class. Does anyone know why? The school district won't tell parents anything. Kids and parents aren't in the loop. Despite the fact that they work for us, and if its something that bad, then the parents for dang sure should know. The administration won't say. Maybe this paper could investigate it???


Patrick Germond 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Well, I'm getting phone calls now from parents. Parents that loved Pam and are telling me that its the administration who's on a power trip that's the problem at Sunset. Wow, shocker there. I would say I told you so but everybody has already heard me say that a dozen times. So this time, what I'm getting, because they didn't like a teachers teaching style, which I loved, Pam grts fired and my child gets stuck with a permanent susitue. I guess test scores and student learning still aren't at the top of the priority list to this administration. So heed my warning new school board members. The last school board members, all three who got fired, failed the public and backed their administration. If you are in a board meeting and your telling each other how great a job your doing, that doesn't amount to spit if the public is not happy. You need to open the board meetings to public input, period. The public has been shut out and their not happy. Don't ask for public support and expect them to go to board meetings and sit there like they're watching CSPAN. And to the Sunset principle, EPIC FAIL. Don't expect the public to give you a two year chance to improve the grades when you pull a stunt like this. You had better improve the grades of your school on the very next test, because you won't get a second chance. As you judge others, so too will you be judged.


Patrick Germond 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Okay, out of complete frustration in trying to get answers I've decided to change the game. I've created a Face Book page that's titled "Concerned Parents of Moffat County". It's for parents of ALL of Moffat County's school children. It however, is not meant for any employees of Moffat County School District or board members. You have your own meetings where you are allowed input. This page is for parents to share all stories, good or bad, and keep each other in the loop, since the school district won't. Your school district is now truely in your hands. You now surround them and you now have the power to get your message, and stories out to all the parents in Moffat County. I ask that the Craig Daily Press leave this up and support the public service page Concerned Parents of Moffat County. Thank you. Patrick Wayne Germond


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