John E. Lawton: Secession is ridiculous


To the editor:

When I was a kid, we often went down to the river and fished on private property, with permission. We respected others’ property.

Then, I saw many of the actions taken by the state government (once in person on a school trip) “were wrong” (from my fiercely patriotic, Western Slope resident’s viewpoint). I believed we should secede from the state; it seemed to take what it wanted — our water (via pipelines), our gas and oil revenues (via taxation), etc. — while giving us little or nothing in return. I believed then, and still do now, that we “don’t get (with apologies to Rodney Dangerfield) no respect” from the state.

Then, something happened; I stopped believing in secession. I grew up; I got rid of those corrupt thoughts of secession.

I doubt any county commissioner really understands what secession means, what it would take and what the cost would be.

Seceding would mean renouncing being a part of the state and renouncing the services provided by the state, including the sheriff and the police departments that would have to take over the Colorado State Patrol services.

I doubt Moffat County residents want to turn over highway maintenance — of all roads into and out of the county— to the Moffat County Road Department. I doubt they want to pay the higher property taxes necessary.

If the state and feds let us secede, they’d eliminate their funding. With the loss of funding, we’d have to stop paying state and federal taxes to pay more property taxes. They might not let us secede, the governor might send in the Colorado National Guard to “put down the rebellion.”

We’re discussing corruption.

The commissioners’ thoughts were corrupted when considering placing this issue on the ballot.

Don’t re-elect any commissioner who votes for such nonsense as putting secession on the ballot.

John E. Lawton



Colette Erickson 3 years, 7 months ago

Yes, where WILL the money come from to replace the services now provided by the State (and the tax base on the Front Range)?


Becky Plummer 3 years, 7 months ago

Like our highways are soooooo well maintained already!!!!!!!!!


Nadja Rider 3 years, 7 months ago

First you have to understand what secession means. We would not be seceding from the USA, just Colorado. It would mean we either form a new 51st state or join one of the neighboring states, which in our case Wyoming or Utah makes the most sense. If more rural counties join in seceding, we could conceivably all join together and form a new 51st state.

The federal portion of taxation would not change. Now on a state level, we have NEVER gotten any free money. We all pay state income tax, sales tax, gas tax, etc., - then the state decides how to dole that money back out to the counties and schools. Remember there is NO FREE MONEY! It was ours to begin with. If the roads are in bad shape, it's because the eastern slope politicians don't see fit to repair ours. Denver and the populated areas always take precedence, which means our money is going to the eastern slope to fix their roads and bridges.

The next step should be some serious number crunching by the county commissioners of all counties wishing to secede. This will give us an idea as to how much of our money is actually funding the rest of the state and if secession is feasible.


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